It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Site Summary
This site will consist of general compositions, informative articles,
thought-provoking writings, poetry, philosophy, stories, random rants,
creative writing resources, et cetera, and who knows what else...  
It is not so much a site with a certain theme, since certainty would taint the
free formed thoughts, open mindedness, and writing styles for which I hope
this site will emit.  All in all, it is just a little speck of web space from the
cyber-world - without all the hype, hogwash, propaganda, incorrect info,
dullness, ignorance,
promotional slop, etc.

If I had it my way, I'd hope that over time it becomes mostly a place for
creative writing from multiple walks of life.   ...Maybe a domain for other
people to submit their work, a place to get started, perhaps hone up some
skills for future freelance writing endeavors, share stories, and whatnot......

Most of the content will be @ The Blog.  This is not going to be a site that is
limited to philosophy, creative writing, pristine poetry, and short stories:  
we'll have a Blog Section with lots of informative subjects, diversity & depth,
along with occasional rants and bouts of beauty.  

Freelance Writer for Hire  
I'm available for part-time writing tasks, editing jobs, etc., just contact me via
e-mail: admin [at]
I enjoy writing about most subjects in general, and I especially have a lot of
experience writing under the fields of medical/health science, vitamins &
physical fitness, nutrition, nature & wildlife, freshwater aquariums,
and so on.  Product reviews are a cinch, if needed, along with short stories,
aliens & UFOs or anything unusual/weird/strange or that involves poetry
along with philosophical and scientific subjects.

Enough said; let's get on with what is perpendicular and aspire in this thing
we call life.........

Update:  Originally, this was suppose to be a creative writing
site, but over the course of a few years, this site has turned
mostly into a website that features weird stuff, aliens (
green, who cares?) & UFOs, along with several image
galleries of bikini models and sexy babes, and a blog section
that *mostly* consists of informative articles and
subjects.  I guess I should just delete all the informative
articles over at the blog and add a new section to this site
that is solely devoted to
beer, that way I could just entitle the
entire site:  "Aliens, Babes, and Beer!"  Ha!  Cheers!
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Of course, the actual definition of perpendicularity (noun) is something else.  Perpendicular (noun or adjective): 1) standing at right angles to
form a plane of the horizon; 2) forming a right angle with each other or with a given line of sight; 3) exactly upright; straight up or down;
vertical; 4) also used in reference to something that is very steep; 5) moral virtue or uprightness; rectitude.   Adverb =
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