Redirect ‘Global Warming’ Debates

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There has been a superfluous face-off of late, featuring critics, scientists, politicians, writers (many of which, are unqualified, imbecilic bloggers), marketing morons, environmentalists, back-wooded hillbillies and commenting fools on blogs, forums, et cetera,  all wanting to dive into this global, opinionated vier:

Global Warming is Real  versus Global Warming is a Hoax.

Is this a battle between old, earth-loving science theories vs. big-oil-loving, persuaded, paid-off, pseudo-intellectual idiocies?

Is this really a skirmish between futuristic conjectures – in hopes to save the planet from mankind’s damaging effects or is there more hidden secrets involved with the marketing industries and global money?  You know, like, corporate “big shots” getting their palms greased…..

Are the scientists who promote the idea of Global Warming is a Hoax, onto something good?  Even if they are correct with their misleading assertion, we do not need to keep going in the direction we are going, unless you get-off on mass pollution, poor drinking water, plagues and extinction – with or without the “Warming Effect.”

Is this a conflict between who is simply right or wrong?  Is there any absoluteness to any of this?  The latter question I can answer, the rest of the queries were, if answered by anyone,  trivial hogwash, better known as psycho-babble bull-shit.

We should redirect Global Warming debates toward a more pertinent global subject, one that effects us, regardless of contradictory theories about the “Warming Effect” of the Homo sapiens, such as:  alternative energy sources, clean-air acts, mandatory recycling (with germane mandates to enforce), energy-efficient housing to replace all buildings upon each renovation or reconstruction, environmental preservation, other ways to cultivate food from new types of substrate, et cetera, so forth and whatnot.

If you notice, all of those things I just listed, without regard to either theory in conflict, leans toward the “Global Warming is Real” activists.  This is not because of science, but out of common awareness that human beings are good at fucking stuff up. I don’t care if you have a formula with scientific data, which debunks Global Warming, that proves this planet is always cooling and warming at eccentric cycles that are controlled by Saturn and Jupiter’s alignment with a local dwelling Orangutan’s gonadal sac.  Don’t care; don’t want to hear it.

Keep it simple, for simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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—End of Post “Redirect ‘Global Warming’ Debates”

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