Was there an Entity in my Winter Fire?

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It was a nice winter day; it finally quit snowing, and the the sun came out.  What a perfect time to start a fire!  I shoveled out the snow from the fire pit I constructed a few months ago, gathered some previously cut dry wood, kindling, gasoline, my camera (to take pictures), my girlfriend (no, I didn’t throw her into the fire), and beer (for my own consumption).
Everything was going okay, except for a slow start getting the fire hot – due to all the moisture around it.  I told my girlfriend I was going to take a few pictures, and for her to throw some extra gas on it for the camera effects.  Well, I snapped this photo right after the fire went “poof” and look at the results……
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Who is this fire demon, depicted above?

Who is this fire demon, depicted above?

If you look closely (after you click it – to enlarge), can you see a kneeling entity in my winter fire?  I can see the nose, mouth, eyebrows, arms, feet, waist, hips, 2 thighs, and the works.  Interesting, huh……

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  1. […] Now, for the real reason and motive behind this post: Have you ever wanted to make a primitive ‘fire ring’ consisting of real riverbed rocks or creek rocks, placed in a circle? I don’t mean a modern fire pit with bricks & mortar, I mean one that even a caveman could have built, back in the day. I’ve done it, and have a couple pictures below to display. It is not that hard to do, but requires a little effort. If you have the land space, simply clear out a circle, dig a small pit, add the rocks around it, and presto…lets make a fire. […]

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