Monetary obsession in the World and the Fallouts…


In today’s world, unless you’re lucky enough to still be stuck in a jungle/tribal society, it is totally normal to try and squeeze profit out of anything and/or make money off of anybody. Whether you’re being born or have reached your demise, there is money to be made. It gets to the point, to where it is a shameless, fiscal act of insanity.

Yeah, I know the old cliche: “money is the root of all evil,” but that isn’t good enough for me; I need more elaboration besides some worn out, trite¬†phrase.

Since, at the time I’m writing this, our current monetary system hasn’t collapsed yet, as it hangs on by a thread…and we still haven’t entered into a widespread, fun, free, anarchic craze (impatiently waiting), I don’t think the actual banknotes/currency is the problem – in a broad sense. I do think we have got ridiculous when it comes to some of the things we sell, market, etc.

Retrospectively speaking, money simplified trade and made it possible for smooth transactions from tellers, merchants, and so on. At one time, at least in the U.S., it did seem to help keep order – to a certain degree, as it attained an organization towards working for a living and putting a digital, bank-visible worth onto your work efforts. Back in the day, before our government started selling out and before they openly displayed their fondly forced fetish for screwing the middle class, work used to mean something more than just something you should do. People (common laborers) used to be more motivated to go out and earn income all while knowing the more they put into it…the more they would get back. I don’t just mean for a paycheck, I mean work in general.

Obviously, things have slowly changed and there seems to be more benefits for the lazy, undeserving, able-but-disabled type individuals. Nowadays, our welfare system (in the USA) is totally warped; nothing fair about it. In terms of manipulating welfare, for example, some people look at having babies/reproducing/procreating…as producing dollar signs and free funds. I know it’s true and I see it often. Is that right? Is that civally being fair to others? Why is it, that the middle-class laborers are often treated as suckers and as the ones who help support the slackers and pay the taxes for the rich, monetizing hackers? This is in addition to all the people faking disablity just to draw free money (I know some, personally) – and succeed in their feign ailments for monetary reward. And from that perspective, even the helpful aspect of “governmental aid” has been tainted. With all that being said, and I’ve heard it before, what does motivate a common laborer to work as opposed to draw funds? Obviously, any slob can do it, so with dignity aside and common logic applied, it makes sense why some people end up turning into a bum, hobo or vagrant being in today’s society.

Midpoint comment: Don’t be fooled by me or my comments within this page, since many times I may seem inquisitive and in question, but I’m often beckoning for anyone to contribute responses with different viewpoints, because I’m like that – fair and open minded. I’m not just unduly curious, I’m overly probing the inhabitants that is on the bottom grounds, middle class, and top levels in this financial world, and especially in the U.S. – since I live here. For clarity: the first level involves the struggling hard workers and the infamous ‘human sponge’ – the third level is the fortunate ones that gyrate around greenbacks, coinage, legal tender, etc. Many of us in the low-middle to middle class…know about the struggle, so there is no need to elaborate about that, during the midpoint.

The fallouts from the obsession of currency may be necessary, as with most things in life; it is either trial & error or trials & tribulations…but this thing has about went on long enough. What will it take, for a universal understanding? Do we need a simultaneous global despair to re-do the monetary system or change the world, or perhaps a universal catastrophe to awaken the people from all walks of life? How about an utter rebellion worldwide, more wars (nope, that doesn’t work), an organized-religion riddance to free-up the offering plates, or encounter visitors from another planet? I mean really, what does it take to reach a broad spectrum of people and/or civilized, domesticated animals? Do we just live and let it be, or do we persevere in hopes of change all while not really doing anything as a group anymore? Maybe this is why some people just give up on life and go on sporadic, random shooting sprees or maybe this is why we often hear those murmors in the background. Yes, the metaphorical murmor that doesn’t actually mumble out loud, but the one that comes from an inner growl of disgust…sort of like when you have to abide by laws you know are not right; sort of like when you listen to speeches you know are incorrect; sort of like when you hear this “politically correct” crap that is nothing but a pack of lies!

I’m not being a pessimist nor am I being negative, I’m simply telling the truth. This is ‘freedom of speech’, remember! The monetary obsession in America (U.S.) and throughout the civilized world, has slowly yielded to the notorious characteristic of mankind, and that being corruption.

So, we even sell death in this chaotic world…uhmm, I mean Life Insurance. You can’t even die without someone either getting money from it or trying to sell a policy for it. You can rarely be born without a price – only if it is a natural, hidden birth from the medical world. I’m waiting for these higher-beings (ha!) to charge me for breathing the air or drinking the water, oh wait a minute…they do. What will it take, oh what will it take to change this diabolic debacle?

What ever happened to the idea of egalitarianism – you know, the natural state that a society should be in, with rights for the equal opportunist, while providing an equal-right society of justness? But for some reason, in an advancing world with higher technologies than before, it typically doesn’t work out that way due to all this greediness that many of us possess.

Is this a mysterious game that we inevitably play through? Are we merely geared for struggle while simply being wired for fighting – in hopes of aptly surviving into another realm of awareness, into another new, unforsaken challenge? Yes, if we can’t get rid ourselves of money, we need to at least rid ourselves of the negative, monetary fallouts in this world. Everyone needs to eventually become less dependant, even if it takes living a rural lifestyle – to start resisting the cumulative momentum of materialistic virtues. …And now that jaded cliche and worn out phrase comes back into the picture, just like I mentioned at the start of this page: “Money is the root of all evil.” Fall for the techno life or fall back into real life, it’s your call……

After reading this, if it did trigger thoughts (negative or positive) or doubts about whatever…or you have opinions about the direction of Homo sapiens in general, for a small fee of $9.99 (just kidding, ha!) feel free to blast it into the comment field. Later folks, I’m signing out to go make some chump-change, ha-ha!

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