Obscure Divine


This post will be labeled as philosophy & poetry, even though it doesn’t rhyme, nor does poetry have to, since it chimes to the beat of a character I used to play, that was once called Mr. Obscure Divine…

As an exiled member of society, I cannot help but realize the faults of mankind. I try to be sympathetically harmonious to others, but yet, due to my uncontrolled impulse, I often fail – since I’m aware!

I believe in the totality of universal awareness, and it is up to you to find it…and it will not consist of science-related textbooks nor a religious dogma, either.

I’m the blinking light in the ether with an interstellar beacon, and a galactic signal amid the cosmos……  I’m the Obscure Divine!

The butterfly effect; a confined chaos at hand...

The butterfly effect; a confined chaos at hand...

4 Responses to “Obscure Divine”

  1. Vendela says:

    Hello there!
    Unfortunately I don’t understand this website, but I just googled this poem since I heard it from a friend of mine. Don’t know how he found it. I can’t stop being curious about who wrote it? I completely adore it, anyhow. Would be thankful for an answer!

  2. Vendela says:

    I meant the ending of the poem Chaos & the Divine Surreal” [The light from chaos]… You already got proof I don’t understand the website, haha.

  3. Administrator says:

    Hi, Vendela. Yeah, you sort of commented on the wrong post. Ha-ha! But I know the poem you are talking about. This one: http://perpendicularity.org/blog/2010/09/17/short-poem-chaos-the-divine-surreal/

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    As for the answer to your question: I wrote it.

    I wrote that particular poem a while back, out of thin air; it just sort of popped in my head one day.
    Occasionally I write poems on here, but this blog usually covers miscellaneous topics and random, informative subjects. Oh, what is it that you don’t understand about this website? It is just the blog section of the site. I have several different blogs or whatever. The main site is over at http://www.perpendicularity.org. Anyway, have a good day; cheers! 😉

  4. Vendela says:

    Oh hai! (Late respond, I thought I’d get an email or something if you answered but I didn’t! Heh!)
    I don’t think it’s your website in particular that I don’t understand, I’m not used to blogs to be honest… I must sound like I’m quite old, but I wouldn’t say I am.. I tend to sometimes get a bit absent-minded though!*cough*xD

    Yes, it’s that poem! I’m glad you answered and it’s nice to meet the author! Yes, it’s funny how poems can just pop into one’s head… I really like it, as I said before!

    I hope you’ll have a good day as well! =)

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