4th & 5th Dimensions, Time Travel & Parallel Universes


This is merely a thought-provoking post, as its intentions are to get more people to think outside of the box and to pry more individuals from tunnel-visions and narrow viewpoints.

A glimpse into the universe...

Time – The 4th Dimension?

We all know the first 3 dimensions: length, width, height. As you are free to move up, down, side to side, front to back in the first 3, but we are shackled down with no control – when it comes to time.

To all that has ever wondered before, whether fantasizing about time travel or trying to unravel the properties of eternity, does the 4th dimension, in the sense of time, really exist? It’s a question that when asked, only seems to perplex the ones with complex thoughts. Even though ‘time’ seems to control every facet of our life, many people don’t give it much thought. Our life starts pouring down like the sand from an unstoppable hour-glass; hey, wait a minute; no, slow down. There is nothing we can do about it, but roll with this mysterious wave of life.

On the flip side, there comes the notion of time travel. Travelling into the future or into the past, is either a rebellious theory of changing what already is or a curiosity to find out what will it be. Other than lots of unanswerable queries, it makes for great Sci-Fi flicks. Two excellent examples are H.G. Well’s “The Time Machine” and “Back to the Future” – directed by Robert Zemeckis. As many of us Science Fiction aficionados know, even Star Trek has integrated time warp into a few of their shows/movies. When many people try to picture a time travelling contraption, they often vision a nifty gadget with spinning saucers, a man-made space ship, a UFO, a crazy techno-car with all types of sensors, and so on. But, I’ve always had trouble considering the concepts of travelling back in time. I could see, if you was cruising in deep space, falling in a galactic wormhole that distorts the time-space continuum and you come out in the future somehow and somewhere, but never the other way around.

I look at time travelling into the past, as the invisible dimensions of your own mind, whether it is dreaming, mulling/pondering or reminiscing, you can go anywhere you desire – in that sense. Besides, if we had the ability to go back into time, us crafty little humans would have done found a way to screw it up and, most likely, would have caused a universal cataclysm and the universe would probably collapse on its own self and go boom…bang! …Hmm, that sounds familiar, ha!

Invisible Universe – The 5th Dimension?

Now, where do all these thoughts and memories go? Where does the soul go? Matter can never truly be destroyed, right? Is there a 5th dimension? If there is, we know it must be invisible for now. Is that where all this “dark matter” is at, that scientists often speak about? The universe consists mostly of this mysterious dark matter. Does it hold us intact or is it something else?

I know, I’m being rather inquisitive, but many of us are when it comes to the 5th dimension. In fact, I think a lot of people think about it and don’t even know it. Once you classify this as an invisible realm, it is only left to the imagination…until proof appears. Even religions think about the 5th dimension, they just label it in different ways; some even speak about an inferno, yikes!

I thought about some of these dimensional dilemmas as a child, when studying over the possibilty of UFOs and Extraterrestrials. I later come to the conclusion, that they could very well occupy the same space, but be in another dimension. Not a different time…such as 4th dimensional concepts, but in a parallel universe. If so, it might explain the ‘here one second’ and ‘gone the next’ phenomenon that is often described in UFO reportings. It could be better described as a “blink” into another unknown. This could be a different form of travel; as opposed to time travel, it would be dimensional travel.

As far as extraterrestrial speculation, I think it is man’s own arrogance and ignorance to think we are alone in the cosmos. Which, there is nothing wrong with thinking the entire universe is yours, but it just shows your level of awareness. Hey, we all start out clueless and can only use deductive reasoning to hopefully become more aware.

On a positive note, just remember, we are all atomically connected to the universe.

When it comes to potential 4th & 5th Dimensions, Time Travel, Invisible & Parallel Universes, Dark Matter, Big Bang Theories or Extraterrestrial life:

Whether it is fact, fiction, fantasy, or science…one cannot help but wonder……

7 Responses to “4th & 5th Dimensions, Time Travel & Parallel Universes”

  1. coldarc says:

    there is a dark dimension all around us. we dont see it but it there. for us who can see or sense their presence its hard to believe their not there. the dark dimension exist alongside ours. its in another harmonic resonance realm but it is as real as ours. maybe its the world of the devil lucifer but i dont know. its a dimension worth investigation. the tool needed is of harmonic resonace viewscreen through an acustic detector. such knowlege and technology does not yet exist, but will, im not to say for sure be invented in the future. this is all my say for now.

  2. Administrator says:

    @Coldarc: Although it is interesting to think about, I wouldn’t go around stating that a 4th, 5th, or (as you say) a “dark dimension” exists for a fact. Hmm, you sound like you have been there or something… Hush now, the people wearing white jackets are coming to get us! Ha-ha! Just kidding… Anyway, rather than saying that such things exist for certain, keep speculation and the imagination right where it belongs, into the unknown… Lets just say, your mind can travel back in time, into the future, enter parallel universes along with multiple dimensions, but I’d keep my fantasy astral travel and outer body experiences that occurs within my own brain, at least for now, and release it into a more creative outlet that involves our current physical world. Cheers! Thanks for commenting… ūüėČ

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  4. Divine Advanced Human Beings says:

    Traveling through other dimensions is the same as traveling in our own dimension. What divides spectrums of perception (or dimensions) is not time, but pressure. Time travel is impossible! It’s true that time does slow for a craft or person in motion but this is strictly a mechanical function of pressure.

    In order to travel to another dimension, one must be pressurized from the inside as well. Therefore, as a result of the pressure of other pressure spectrums of perception (or dimensions) that exists outside of our solar (3D) pressure spectrum boundary… it’s going to take an advanced technology of which our society or science has not yet discovered (but they will).

  5. Administrator says:

    I would hardly call other dimensions a “perception,” as if it was that easy, we’d all be travelling through time and into other dimensions just by warping perceptions via drug abuse or by being deluded idiots with a false sense of euphoria; duh!
    You just said time travel is impossible, but now you say that it is going to take an advanced technology to travel to another dimension in which you label as merely “perceptions.”
    Lay off the drugs, and quit contaminating other people’s blog posts with your inane baloney!
    Besides, this post was about the 4th & 5th dimension, time travel and parallel universes, not pressurized mentalities due to drug-induced nirvana via capsules of hallucinogenics; get real!
    Oh, thanks for stopping by and commenting; ha-ha!

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