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I’ve known this for a while, as the initial realization disconcerted my candle-lighting self, that most candles (especially scented) are, unfortunately, not good for you.


I used to light these things all the time, especially the tea lights within Himalayan Salt rocks and candle holders. The ones containing Paraffin wax, as most store-bought candles do, are not your friend; they’re your foe. Paraffin is a petroleum product, so you already know from here, the resulting diagnosis from this petrochemical is not going to be complimentary to your well-being. The black smoke and soot that emits from these lovely candles, ends up in your lungs; toxic chemicals enter your body, and so on.

To cut right down to simple, candid talk: It is never good to breathe smoke albeit some is worse than others. The prior statement is personally semi-contradictory, coming from me, since I enjoy sporadic campfires and relish cigarettes with my endeared beer-time. In my case, I was just trying to cut down on toxins, so I eliminated scented paraffin candles from my home. I still light them on rare occasions, but I try to have healthier alternatives available.

Oh wait, there’s more: Many of these candles and tea lights found at local retailers, have a metallic-based wick that usually contains lead. The next thing you know, we have petroleum by-products in addition to lead – getting set aloft in our homes, all due to those nice smelling, sexy, lighted candles. The scented ones have even more unhealthy additives and artificial dyes added to the Paraffin wax – which leads to additional toxins; if you burn them often, it is wise to seek healthier choices.


Try aromatherapy candles that are made of natural oils and make sure they have a paper wick without metal or wires.

Beeswax candles are considered to be one of the safest alternatives.

It would probably be easier to simply shop online, when it comes to finding candles that contain natural wax. If you’re a spry, do-it-yourself type person, soy-based aromatherapy candles are not that difficult to make. Once you get your supplies together, the steps fall right into place. You can always search on the web for how-to advice, by typing “how to make your own aromatherapy soy candles” or similar search terms, etc.

Say good-bye to burning flames from artificial origins and say hello to a new, natural form of illuminating bliss.

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