Short Poem: Chaos & the Divine Surreal


Chaos & the Divine Surreal:

Life strikes hope while obtruding a blinding light, imposing a fear from the thought of awakening from darkness.
Death strikes grimness while imposing a deafening darkness of demise; a calm from the chaos of brightness.
Now, does that make any sense?
I shall commence…
This world meets nothing halfway and is truly insane, everything is constantly amid the chaos of creation; and nothing stays the same.
The rainbow occasionally peers from afar, just to remind you of the possibility that your journey may leave bright scars.
Happiness can only be found when one forgets what happiness actually is.
Don’t think, feel…
Reasons are no longer reasons, once you establish this divine surreal.


—End of Short Poem “Chaos & the Divine Surreal” [The light from chaos].

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