Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers

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air_purifier …There are many reasons to have air purifiers in your home, and it doesn’t hurt to have several scattered throughout your house since most modern purifiers use very little electricity – due to their highly efficient fan motors and lightweight rotors, wheels and/or blades.

…Indoor air pollution is more common than most folks would think and this is especially important for the ones who suffer from allergies.

Speaking of that, if you are concerned about indoor pollution, you may also be interested in my post entitled “ Aromatherapy – Healthier Alternatives to Scented Candles,” that I wrote a while back. On another health related note, if you’re more interested in eliminating toxins from your body, visit the “Milk Thistle – Liver Detox” page.

Okay, this particular post is about Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers. Of course, the best way to eliminate tobacco smoke in your home, is to simply do all of your smoking outside, use a designated area or room that is closed from the rest of the house, or take the more challenging option by quiting all together.
In general, most air purifiers are built to reduce large & small air borne particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, miscellaneous allergens, etc. However, they are less effective at reducing second hand smoke, but some are far better than others. Don’t even bother wasting your money on the ionic purifiers that are found on the market, that is, if you’re concerned about reducing second hand smoke in your home. You should always go with the ones that come with a pre-filter, charcoal layer, and a changeable filter.  The pre-filter is washable and should never need replaced – it is used to catch the larger particles and to increase the life of your main filter.

If you’re looking to save money while using a more effective method at reducing tobacco smoke from the place that you dwell, take heed to this: Since most (even the ones that claim to be reusable) changeable HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) will lose their effectiveness after cleaning/washing them, they need to be completely changed. So, after your expensive filter (that comes with the machine) becomes dirty, don’t bother replacing it with the factory recommended filter. Just go out and buy a high-quality filter medium for a central heat & air unit and cut it into pieces that will fit into your air purifiers. You can often buy a big sheet of this filter medium for just a few dollars and, in turn, make several small-sized filters for your existing purifiers. Not only can you afford to change them out more often for a more effective smoke removal method, you no longer have to spend all that money on the name-brand, custom-fit filters.  When buying these large filters, I do suggest that you spend a couple extra dollars and get one that also comes with a charcoal layer for extra filtration and odor removal properties.

Below, I’ll provide a link to a variety of air purifier related products. Personally, I just go with the simple, reliable Holmes Purifiers. I’ve used them for years without any trouble.   Besides improving the air quality, I also keep a couple of them running  in my bedroom for the mild roaring sound; the soothing noise acts as a natural sleep aid, for me. Anyway, another alternative to reduce second hand smoke in your home, is to either use or install exhaust fans in a designated room or rooms. If standing under it while smoking, a well-functioning exhaust fan installed in the ceiling, will suck the smoke right out and depending on how it is installed, blow it either into your attic or out through the exhaust pipes that leads to the top of your roof to send the smoke outside, back into nature to settle naturally.

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