Magnolia Bark Extract – Fight Stress & Calm Down

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magnolia_bark_extract I don’t know if many of you have heard about this particular herbal supplement, but over the past few years, studies have shown that Magnolia Bark Extract can help fight stress, calm you down, and even combat certain types of cancer.

Side Note: Magnolia trees are truly beautiful, large trees with glossy green leaves and seed cones that eventually bloom into a large white flower.   I’m lucky enough to have one growing in my backyard at this very moment, which is another reason why I thought about doing this post the other day.  Anyway…

Honokiol is derived from Magnolia and is also included in this herbal extract; and it has been shown to be almost as effective as a low dose of diazepam, more commonly known as a Valium, when it comes to producing a sedative-like relaxing effect.  This is especially helpful for the ones who commonly have frayed nerves at the end of their work day, etc.  Used as a drug alternative, with it being a natural substance and not a manufactured drug, it wouldn’t have all the side-effects and withdraw-symptoms that come with most sedatives.

The research and tests involved in Magnolia Extract isn’t just about the calming effects, either. Atlanta’s Emory University School of Medicine found that an extract (honokiol) from the seed cones of a Magnolia tree, slowed the growth in animal tumors by 50%. This is achieved by the honokiol-containing herb’s ability to block the signal to grow new blood vessels around the surrounding area of the tumor’s location (in animal studies). In turn, this would cut off the needed supply of nutrients that the tumor would require – to grow larger.
There is another compound in Magnolia called “magnolol.” In one case study at Taipei Medical University, they discovered that cancerous tumors shrank up to nearly 85% when a high dose of magnolol was injected into the tumors. Even a low dose of this compound was found to lower the cancer cells in the human liver and colon.

Outside of stress relief, calming effects and anti-cancer properties, Magnolia Bark Extract also has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria effects. That particular attribute is not that unique, however, as there are several natural anti-microbial agents in nature, including green tea, honey, garlic, onions, and whatnot.
But, if you’re looking for a natural way to relax (although I prefer beer), fight stress, calm down a bit, and combat cancer, this herbal supplement may be a good start. Also, as a sleep aid, this extract may help you fall asleep easier, along with a few other methods – without the use of over-the-counter drugs or prescription sleeping pills.

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