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I’ve heard about this many times, you know, this thing they call “writer’s block.”  Luckily for me, I’ve never had this problem since I don’t force myself to write anything.  If anything, I often look forward to a so-called “block,” so I can get out and do other things besides staring at this glowing contraption half the day.

In the past, I owned and operated a few commercial websites and a couple promotional blogs, but due to the market and/or niches that I was involved in at the time, there wasn’t a demand for creative writing (or even good writing) for me to make money online.  Needless to say, my income was not through advert clicks, like most people are out trying to achieve today.  I just had to put in a lot of time & effort, learn a little SEO, and set back and hope for the best while earning affiliate commissions and revenue share via selling services, etc.

After taking a few years off, I now (currently) have only one main website and 4 blogs.   Albeit I do have more interest in creative writing, but I still just ramble and rant at times (on other blogs) and I don’t really have a reason to fight or be hindered by writer’s block or whatever, since I only write when I want to.  Hell, I waste enough time in online debates, comment fields, and forums, although I’ve got better at not wasting as much time doing such unproductive things.  …But it can be fun, though.  LOL!

However, many of you have a need to write constantly, whether it be because it’s your job (such as a columnist or writer for a news site, etc.), a marketer or advertiser trying to sell products & services using content-rich articles, a paid-per-article freelance writer, or because you’re simply an ad-pushing freak (also known as an AdSense whore – LOL!), along with many other reasons that are not worth mentioning.  …Those are the people who may become aggravated when they encounter this “writer’s block” thingy, more often than people who simply write for the fun of it, and so on.

Anyway, this blog post is going to get you started in your search for finding creative writing prompts.   See, I’m temporarily not thinking of me at the moment, and I’m just trying to help out those people who are stuck in a writer’s rut.  Uh, yeah, don’t get used to it…  Ha-ha!

Below, I’ll get you started by providing links to 3 websites that contain prompts for creative writing – to help you kick-start yourself back onto the keypad……

Creative Writing Prompts – Site Links: [They are now inactive]

1) – This website currently has 346 prompts to help you fight writer’s block.  Many of these won’t be useful to you, but some of them may help you greatly.  You just hover your mouse over the numbers and the prompts pop right out at ya…

2) – This is another site featuring creative writing prompts.  Hopefully, you’ll find some stuff on that page that will help you fight the block you’re suffering from.  Get well soon…

3) – I just went ahead and linked to the archive page on this particular site.  Some of these prompts may have already been listed on other websites, but maybe you’ll find something unique that tickles your writing fancy…

If you’re still seeking more prompts to fight your writing impediment, just go to your favorite search engine and type into the search bar, “Prompts for Creative Writing” or “Writing Prompts for Writer’s Block,” etc.

Well, I hope this information and/or resources has helped you.  Now, I’m personally going  the opposite direction, as I’m planning to give myself a self-inflicted case of writer’s block so I can do other things for a while.  Plus, I got a new health & fitness blog that I need to be adding content to,  whenever I decide to unblock myself.  Ha-ha!

—End of Post

10 Responses to “Fight Writer’s Block – Creative Writing Prompts”

  1. slamdunk says:

    Thanks for the links–one can never have too many of those.

  2. Administrator says:

    You’re welcome; I’m glad you found the resources to be useful. Cheers! 😉

  3. […] are usually put on a first-come-first-serve market, which makes it hard for newbies to snag good writing tasks with low ranks – especially with all the eager, established writers out there; 4) there are […]

  4. Anti-Dolt says:

    I’m the “Imbecilic Repellent,” and I fight “writer’s block” by simply observing other people’s stupidity and talking/writing about it!

  5. I don’t need any prompts whatsoever! …I fight this creative writing debacle by simply analyzing the mythical madness of myths that have yet to shine light upon anything except the battle within our own imagination…

  6. Every single time I hear about this common writing quagmire, I get a distinct muscle twinge and an ache from my testicles – just from even thinking about the concepts of “writer’s block,” and I’m instantly cured from this petty ailment by pondering over the poor condition found within the physical fitness of the common Homo sapiens. Yeah, there’s plenty to write about, trust me……

  7. Actually, I can simply drive down a few backroads while drinking beer, and my “writing block” is no longer obstructed… In fact, if I don’t have a pen & paper, I often forget most of the ideas before I drive back home. Ahh, but I never really forget them; just too lazy to write them, since I already have them within my head… Make sense? Cheers!

  8. Try Creative Writing says:

    Just stumbled upon your site and saw your link to our site at Try Creative Writing. I’m like you and have never really found a need to use writing prompts, but I like to try and provide them for people who need them. Oftentimes, I think the best way to cure writers block is to just get out there and do new things and talk to new people. To me, writers block seems more about a lack of stimulus than a mental fart.

  9. Administrator says:

    I concur; “suffering from a lack of stimulus” sounds way more accurate and better diagnoses this particular problem, rather than simply blaming it on “writer’s block” or whatever. Either way, the writing prompts may be very useful for others, though. Cheers! 😉

  10. Creative writing prompts used to help fight writer’s block may help many struggling scribes out there. Personally, I don’t have any blocks as I just simply type and/or write about the mundane, common baloney that is perpetually featured in daily life. The way I look at it, if you’re having a so-called “writer’s block,” then perhaps you don’t need to be writing to begin with. Ha! Uh, uh, oh yeah… Cheers! 😉

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