Christian’s Version of “Hell” makes no sense!


For the most part, I usually steer clear from religious subjects on this blog, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in some random divine dung on occasions, right?   Sort of like when I did the post a while back that was entitled “What in the Hell is Kabbalah?

Anyway, I’m not into “organized” religions.  At times, some of these “religions” seem to cause more harm than good, start wars, etc.  The way I look at it:  If you can find something good out of religions and it makes you a better person or helps you in whatever way with your own life, then that is great.  …BUT, if you find yourself  frequently judging, soliciting, and trying to pervade other people’s life with your religious opinions, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your own belief system.  Speaking of that, I did a religion-related post over at a myth & folklore blog a while back, and you can find it here with the title:  ‘Holier than Thou’ Christians are Pathetic!

Okay, now back to the original subject “Christian’s Version of ‘Hell’ makes no sense!”

Instead of going on and on about contradictions and the obvious unfair, unjust concepts of Hell, I’ll just keep it short and drop down a couple simple scenarios below.  If there are any “Christians” out there who has an ultimate answer for this post, feel free to use the comment field to spread further enlightenment and all-knowing knowledge into the masses of “unsaved” ones that you suppose to pity ever-so dearly…

A typical Christian’s version of the ‘Hell’ Scenario gone wrong:  

[Of course, I’m using fictional characters with no relation to any real-life events.]

Scenario #1 – Lets say a guy named Luke grew up with good raising.  He was a spoiled little bastard that aways wanted the best of everything and always got what he wanted.  Well, later on, he became bored with life.  When he grew older, he started having fantasies that involved murdering people for fun.  With lots of plotting and planning, he later went on to become a serial killer at age 30.  This guy ended up killing 35 people over a period of 20 years before finally getting caught.   In addition to that, he had a fetish for raping young girls.  Now, he sits in prison for life, with no hope of ever getting out.  Well, after he reached the age of 55, he starts to feel bad for what he has done, and starts getting into the beloved Christianity, and gets “saved” and blessed with eternal life because he “found Jesus” in prison.  

Verdict:  By Christian belief, this bad guy is not going to “Hell.”

Scenario #2– Lets say a guy named John grew up living the tough life.  He was a farmer, hunter, fisherman, and held a full-time job in the construction biz.  He was married to a faithful, loving wife and had 5 kids to raise via lots of hard work.  He kept food on the table, had excellent morals, and respected the individual.  John loved the countryside and was very close to nature and wildlife and believed that we should treasure ever moment we have alive.  Well, although John typically stayed out in the country most of the time when he was off, he would still get harassed by Bible-thumpers and Christians who kept trying to get him to go to their church.  They would often ask him, “do you know if you’re going to heaven if you die?  Have you accepted Jesus in your life?”  John would normally look at them straight in the eye, spit on the ground, and tell them to go shove their religion up their bunghole.  John once told a Christian who wanted a donation for their church, to go get a real job or ask their God for the money, and went on.  He said he wanted no part of something he can’t see, feel, or prove that exists and that he is a realist in the real world.  He also asked a Christian one time, “why does Jesus, who was suppose to be so miraculous, not even have a known birthday?”  He got no answer, and never seen the reason for church or religions.

Verdict:  By Christian belief, this good guy is going to “Hell.”

Now, after reading those two scenarios, does the typical Christian’s version of Hell make any sense to you???  Just think, some preachers basically threaten people with an eternal blow torch while telling them they have a “free will.”  That would also be similar to holding a “supposedly” loaded gun to a person’s head and saying, “hey, you are free to have an opinion about this matter, but I will kill you if you disagree with me, so you better just nod, accept, and give me your money.”  Hmm, it makes no sense to me……  Well, unless you find justice in armed robbery using a fake gun.  Ha-ha-ha! 



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