Alien Abduction – The Day John’s Life changed forever…

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grey_alienDisclaimer: This is a fictional short story, as this tale doesn’t represent any real-life characters.

John was a middle-age farmhand who put a lot of hard work into his family-operated ranch.  He was married, had a couple kids and, for the most part, had a fairly normal life.  John often liked to go out into this big open field after a long day of work, and drink beer around a campfire.  Outside from the dang heat, it was a great place to live if a person liked open space, farming, livestock, and the good ol’ outdoors.

Anyway, it was a warm, calm summer night in Texas…

John was doing his usual, nightly round of throwing back some beers with a few buds, and telling campfire stories and whatnot.
After a while, his friends went home before they drank too much, and John stayed by the fire (not too close, of course, as campfires are nice for light in the summer time, but they emit a lot of unwanted heat) downing a few more beers.

Suddenly, he got this unusual feeling, sort of like a static charge, and then the fire went out, like… poof!  Within seconds, a bright light under a pulsating UFO was above him.
The next thing John knows, he is aboard this mystery craft, as if he was transported, sort of like on Star Trek.


…Nervous as a preacher in a whore house, he was befuddled by it all.
He was trapped inside some sort of clear tube, and he could see four little grey alien figures in what appeared to be a control room.
The aliens had on dark grey, shiny suits with a big black belt that held a few things, including what looked like some hand-held device.

The inside of the UFO was very uniform, sleek, and was all one metallic color.
Everything inside the spaceship had rounded edges; there were no right angles at all, as if the interior was molded from one piece of metal.

…5 minutes have passed, John was still stuck in a see-through cylindrical tube, and the little aliens with big, black, bug eyes was yet to even acknowledged his presence.

The story now switches over to it being narrated by John, his self, in what he at least “thinks” he recalls from the supposed alien abduction:

One of the aliens points his finger in a stern fashion towards the others and then scurries off to, what appeared to be, the lower deck of the ship.
The other three aliens returned to their seats and were viewing rather large, wall-mounted monitors that looked like space charts.
I don’t know for sure, what in the hell they were doing, but it looked like charts of some type.

Now here’s where I about shit myself while being trapped inside that tube: Out comes from the lower deck of the ship, the grey alien that left a few moments ago and alongside him/her/it, was a much larger being that was a green, reptilian looking creature with some glossy black outfit, holding some glowing sphere in one hand (it wasn’t a Himalayan salt globe, that’s for sure), and carrying some shiny gadgets in the other.
Now, although ignored before, those two extraterrestrials were staring at me intensely.

The grey alien and his ugly green comrade, came near the tube. The grey alien hits a control button and a glossy table rises from the floor, in front of me. I’ve never even thought about a retractable table before, but I was too damn nervous to be impressed with their obvious technological breakthroughs!

After the table erected, the tubular, glass-like chamber that I was still in, started to fill up with some type of vapor or gas, and the next thing I remember, was awakening in the field with my wife screaming at me and telling me to “get my drunk ass up!”

I stumbled in the house, confused as a Chimp getting taught Calculus, and went straight to bed.
The next couple of days were fine, as I convinced myself that it was all somehow a dream.
After that, things grew progressively worse, as I started actually having dreams about what happened after my blackout from the vapor.
I just don’t get it; if I had a blackout from the gas or vapor that was released in the chamber, how can I dream about the ungodly types of experiments they did on me? Disturbing questions started coming into my mind, like: Why did that grey alien stick that probe up my ass? Why did they take scrapings from my tongue and also take hair samples? What was up with that green reptilian being and his/her fascination with my cock?

I feel violated, in an otherworldly way!  My life has changed forever…
I no longer drink beer in open fields anymore, as I now drink stronger alcoholic beverages like Vodka, while staying in the freakin’ house!
I sold the ranch, got out of farming, moved way up north, got me an indoor job, and I currently live in a big, crowded city with lots of pavement and road signs and traffic lights.
I’m trying to make my life as uninviting to those perverted anal probing alien bastards, as possible!
Oh, and another thing, I get so tired of hearing about the “ancient alien theorists” or whatever they call themselves nowadays.
All I got to say to the ancient astronaut theorists, is that I received more than a theory from your lovely ancient alien freaks; I hope y’all get abducted and have your genitals fondled, tongue scraped, hair pulled, and your bunghole explored; cheers!

Hey, at least this story was more plausible than the one found here:  “Alien Encounter

–End of the Fictional Short Story “Alien Abduction – The Day John’s Life changed forever…”

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