Zero Point (Free) Energy – Possible Inventions?


zero_point_energyI recently picked up (purchased) a book the other day that was entitled “Quest For Zero Point Energy” and it spoke about many of the engineering principles for what is known as “free energy.”

When most folks hear the terms “free energy,” they probably think I’m talking about solar power, wind power, etc., but that is hardly the case.  Zero Point Energy (ZPE) involves a perpetual form of energy via the underlying, energetic fabric of space known as “the ether.”  Many people, in fact most people, of the scientific community reject such notions.  However, Wheeler’s theory of geometrodynamics speaks of the fabric of so-called “empty space” as being “quantum foam,” if you will…

Quantum mechanics became somewhat accepted in the 1930s and, from that, arose a mathematical term that described the ground state of any oscillating system called the Zero Point Energy.  If any of y’all are wondering, the term “zero-point” refers to zero degrees Kelvin – which means that even in the absence of all heat, this energy would still exist.  Now, one must ask, does ZPE really exist?

I would like to think so, as I believe that there is an amazing ongoing energy source out there that is possible to tap into.  I find it hard to believe that we, on Earth, have already used and have become aware of all available energy sources that are available by way of the cosmos and the space that surrounds us.

At any rate, lets move forward…
How do we build a practical self-running device that provides this “free energy” and/or Zero Point Energy?  There has been several interesting inventions and ideas of engineering such things over the last several years.  Many of which, displayed energy anomalies.  Similar to ball lightning, finding this excess energy and tapping into it, doesn’t seem too far-fetched for an open-minded individual.

Although the concepts behind Zero Point Energy are often labeled as pseudoscience, science fiction, and madman theories, I find the advanced notions of “free energy” from the fabric of “empty” space to be more plausible than what many scientists would have you believe.  Does “the ether” contain a plenum of energy?  Well, obviously more experiments need to be done.

I must say, though, with experiments, proof, inventions, etc., there lies several major problems.  Such paradigm-violating experiments (like ZPE) are not often welcomed by the scientific community.  Many of these projects, because of this, are suspended.  Simply put, sociological, political and economical factors dominate most scientists.  Many things can result from this type of “going out on a limb” type of work, such as:  patents blocked, jobs lost, grants withdrawn, suppression, personal threats, assassinations, and so on.

Anyway, here is a list of some (out of the many) possible inventions that point to Zero Point Energy [References: Author Moray B. King, Quest for Zero Point Energy, page 10]:

1) Electrostatic field-chopping device of William Hyde, which he claimed that it produced 20 kilowatts output while free-running.
2) Floyd Sweet’s well-witnessed magnetic device was suppose to have produced 500 watts while free-running.
3) The plasma tubes of T. Henry Moray – 50 kilowatt energy device.
4)Ken Shoulders – discovery of the “electrum validum,” which is a micron size, charge plasma form that seems to contain excess energy.

Outside of these, there are many vacuum energy ideas, some of which hint at the notion of organizing them into vortex forms, as this could end up resulting into grand, energetic effects.

Well, if you are an inventor, scientist, or engineer that is interested in these “free energy” principles, I recommend Moray’s book, The Quest for Zero Point Energy. Even if you are none of the above, you may find this book to be very interesting and, who knows, it may provoke you to learn more about the subject or perhaps trigger new ideas that you can expand upon.

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