It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Additional Resources - Short Stories & Creative Writing Links - Link Exchange
This section of the website will contain literary resources/links related to literature-based sites that
feature collective writing,
article submit options, fictional short stories...along with other miscellaneous
writing, poetry, philosophy, et cetera.  Also, if you own a website, whether relevant or not, and would like
to take part in a link exchange between our sites, scroll to the bottom of this page for more detail.  If you
"link to us" (no-follow links don't count) and keep it active on your resource page or wherever, your link
will be activated and remain so, on this page.  All non-reciprocated links will not be active here, but you
can still copy & paste the url into your browser, if you're interested in visiting those sites......
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Featured Creative & Otherworldly Stories:  Aliens from another world?
Miscellaneous Writing Sites

* Learn Web Writing ( is a blog site featuring writing resources, useful links,
and is a step-by-step guide for beginning web writers.

Writing Raw ( is an established website devoted to various styles of writing
and emerging literary talent.

* Freelance Writers dot US ( is an established provider for website
content, magazine writing, email advertising, and additional writing services.

* Freelance Writing ( has been helping writers to succeed since 1997.

* Write and Publish Your Book ( contains lots of resources and
information regarding book writing, publishing, marketing books, etc.

* Short Fiction ( contains loads of literary short stories and erotic tales.  
This site also contains a link page with a lot of useful

Creative Writing Prompts
( is actually a
blog entry from this website, and it provides resource links that help fight the so-called "writer's block."

Writing Style ( is a web page that contains
several writing tips that relate to style (whether creative or not) and effective, efficient writing methods.

* [Contact me, to Add Your Links here]

Random Blogs

* Myths, Legends, & Folklore - A blog site that posts about random myths, folklore, and other interesting
stuff to be named later.

The Anti-Dolt / Imbecilic Repellent - A blog site that can occasionally get nasty, but the rants are often
creative and the posts that feature big booty babes, for contrast, are always nice.

[Got a blog and want to swap links? Your link can be here]

Other Websites

* The 'Electronic Haven' via Amazon - a nice place for a quick-shop, when it comes to electronics!

Health & Fitness Guru - is a blogspot from that contains a variety of articles covering
health-related subjects and topics about physical fitness, nutrition, herbs, etc.

Various Forms of Life - is a blogspot blog about nature & wildlife, but mostly about exotic creatures.

[Your website doesn't have to relate to creative writing; add your link here]

Site-Submit Directories

* The Poddys Directory ( - This directory invites everything from Aliens & UFOs
to Food & Drink, Recipes, Computers, Regional and
Historical Links.  Alien Abductions, say what?

[Contact me, to add your directory site here]

Sexy Galleries

* Denise Milani, * Jayonna Fabro - Part 1, * Jayonna Fabro - Gallery #2, * Sexy Nurses, * Carmen Bella,
Anna Semenovich, * Sexy Celebrity Babes, * Lucy Pinder, * Gemma Atkinson, * Katie Price, * Holly
Madison, * Sofia Vergara, * Esther Hanuka, * Alice Goodwin, * Joanna Shari, * Sexy Cheerleaders, the
sexy model Bianca Beauchamp as *
Latex Babe, the gorgeous German Fashion Model that goes by the
name *
Susan Wayland, the Reality TV Star *Jenni Farley, * Indian Girls, * Kate Upton, * Alexis Texas, Traci
Brooks, the former WWE Diva * Bobbi Billard and the lovely * Heidi Montag.                                  

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important in achieving higher search rank, so it is a win-win for both participating sites.  
One-way links are the best for SEO, however, so if you own more than one website, we can always work
out a deal to achieve such things, like, Site A links to Site C if Site B links to Site A, and so on.

I don't require any special link text or a certain type of description, as long as you use a related anchor
text and a fitting description for the page you're linking to, but I would prefer that you either link to my
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Update:  For an even better chance of getting a more prompt and/or better link placement, use the
following to link back to this website:

Title: Ancient Astronauts & UFOs
Description: This section of contains several creative short stories about the
possibility of Aliens and UFOs visiting Earth in the past. Were the first Earthmen astronauts and/or
aliens from another world?

Or, you can simply provide an image link (pointing towards the alien section within this site) by using
either of the two small banners below:
Most Recent Literary Link:
* Short Horror Stories and Tales ( - Short n scary stories is the
biggest collection of true and real scary, ghost, haunted and paranormal stories on the web
written by famous authors from all over the world. Read and write short scary and ghost stories
online here.
* The 'Mundane Blog' - is a Blogspot Blog via that provides a lot of informative, or
better yet, interesting and semi-entertaining posts with the
random subjects ranging from A to Z,
left to right, stupid to intelligent, the mundane to the otherworldly; uh, I think you get the drift...  Ha!  
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