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Culinary Spices - 7 Pepper Jamboree
If you're looking for an all-purpose, all-natural spice blend that can be applied to a large variety of
cuisines and marinades, look no further than the "7 Pepper Jamboree" seasoning from the well
established Celestial Seasonings brand.
I came across this particular blend, a couple years ago while I was buying a variety of green, black, and
white teas online.  I noticed a spice category on the Celestial Seasonings site, and the 7 Pepper
Jamboree quickly grabbed my attention.  I ordered a couple containers along with a few other culinary
spices and gave it a try.  Wow!  That stuff was great!  I used the 7 Pepper blend on nearly everything;
well, anything that I'd normally use black pepper on - which is a lot.  This, in my opinion, was the best
all-purpose spice I've ever run across.

The ingredients on bottle doesn't list all of the peppers, but it says:  Peppers, Salt, Spices, Sugar,
Paprika, Garlic, Bell Peppers, and Parsley Flakes.

As you can see, it sounds like a perfect spice blend before even trying it.  Here is what Celestial
Seasonings promotional verbiage stated about the 7 Pepper Jamboree:
"Celestial Seasonings has long been known for outstanding flavor combinations and quality.  Now you can
bring that expertise into your kitchen with Celestial Seasonings Spice Blends, adding a new flavor
dimension to your cooking!  7 Pepper Jamboree will be music to your taste buds.  Roasts, soups, stews,
gravies, salads, vegetables, beef, pork, fish, chicken and much more, will get a lift from this spicy blend!"

I also like to use it with my marinades, especially when I'm cooking steak.

Sometimes the website has all the products available for an online purchase, while other times you may
have to use the 'find a store near you' function.
Either way, while seeking a specific product, you can type into the search bar on their main site or you
can currently find a variety of culinary spices at:

Other than 7 Pepper Jamboree, they currently offer:  Celestial Seasonings Spicy Southwest Spice,
Sun-dried Tomato Basil Spinach Spice (I've tried that one too; good but very potent), Sweet Pepper
Onion Spice, Spicy Caribbean Spice (that one is next on my order list), Smoked Memphis BBQ Spice,
Chefs Savory Blend...

Their prices at the site are very good, but expect an inflated shipping fee to compensate.
I've ordered many times from that site and have always had excellent service.  My only complaint, like I
hinted about before, is that you may find yourself paying as much or more in shipping charges than in
actual merchandise.  If you're not looking for any specific type of brand and are just in a browsing
mood, you may want to "
Search Amazon for products related to Culinary Spices"......

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