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Alexis Texas - Model & Adult Film Star - Sexy Gallery Images
Height: 5ft 8in
Success:   Nude Model & Adult Entertainment Film Star
Chest, Waist, and Hips = 34-27-40
Breasts:  34C - Natural
Born: Alexis Texas, May 25, 1985, Panama
Website:  Her official site is

Well, here I am again, adding yet another image gallery (sexy model) to the exotic babes gallery links
section.  I'm trying to have a decent variety of glamour models, exotic girls, and bikini babes for this
particular babe section @, along with different ethnic backgrounds (British,
German, Russian, American, Hispanic, Italian, etc.).  To change things up a bit, this recent addition
features several hot images of an adult film star & sexy model.  Alexis Texas, when modelling, usually
poses nude or at least scantily clad, but since I have advertisements on this website, you'll only have
images of non-nude pics on this site, so use your imagination - which is not that hard to do, in this case;
ha!  Anyway, her main attribute outside of her seductive looks, is her big, juicy, round backside.  Wow!  
This girl really has a nice booty, to say the least!  
Her breasts are natural, not very big, but perky albeit
with a butt like she possesses, it doesn't really matter.  
Alexis T. was born in the Panama military base but was raised in the Castroville area of Texas.  This
particular blonde bombshell, adult film star known as Alexis Texas, is of German, Puerto Rican and
Norwegian descent.  What a combo...  At any rate, it looks like it all mixed well, if ya ask me.

Since Wikipedia didn't have much info on her, If you'd like to read more about Alexis T., you can get more
information on her official website:
From there, you can find her Bio, additional images & videos, a shopping link to buy her stuff and a
chance to join her website (membership) and whatnot.

Well, that's enough chatter for now; it's time to get on with the sexy images via gallery style......
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
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Jayonna's Photos - Image Gallery #1
Blue Bikini shot...
Exotic attire...
Black hat & red dress...
A.T. knows what she is working with...
Now that's what I call short shorts, cow girl!
Pink bikini, bent over...
Scantily clad...
Now that's smokin' hot!
Ride that ... bike?  Red shorts look nice...
Purple Bikini pic...
A. Texas by the water, pool, whatever...
Nice, uh, USA thong?
^^^One of Alexis T.'s absolute
best, uh, uh, positions; oops, I
mean camera angles.  Meow!^^^
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