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Alice Goodwin - Sexy UK Babe - Glamour Model - Image Gallery
Height: 5ft 8in
Success:  Modelling Career (featured on several popular magazines) and also regularly appears on
British TV by way of a... uh, well, show for mature audiences (hint-hint).
Breasts:  32FF (recently enhanced via breast implants, of course)
Nickname:  I don't know if she has an official nickname or not, but either way, I just call her "that super
sexy, seductive UK babe with big fake boobies and dark hair. "

For whatever reason, I don't have a lot of information about this particular glamour model.  Unlike most
of the other models found within the
exotic babes gallery links section, I can't get much of a biography
together.  I recently had a guy at work come up to me and show me a picture of Alice Goodwin on his cell
phone.  I said, "yummy, who is that hot busty babe?"  He told me that she was a model from the UK
(United Kingdom).  So, I had him write down the name of this British babe and when I got home, I did a
web search about her, found a lot of shared images, and very little information about her.
The world wide web is full of crap and also contains a lot of useful information at the same time, but I try
to only post stuff that I know is for real.  For example, I know that she is an actual glamour model from
the UK (a very sexy one at that) and that she has very large, succulent mammary glands that have been
artificially enhanced.

At any rate, I checked to see if they had any additional information about her, and at the
time I'm writing this, this is what they had:
"Alice Goodwin is a glamour model from Stoke-on-Trent, England.  She attended Keele University
studying English and Education before she was discovered by talent scouts from Daily Star while
sunbathing on Bournemouth beach.  As well as appearing in the Daily Star she has also modelled for
various men's magazines including Zoo Weekly, Nuts, and Maxim. In 2009 she was voted Zoo magazine's
hottest topless babe of the year.  Aside from modelling, Alice Goodwin appears daily on babe channel
Elite TV and has been appearing there since April 2010."

Well, many of you may be thinking "who cares about the informative chatter; lets just get on with the
image gallery," but I normally like to provide more than just images of exotic glamour models.  Plus, I
would have a gave an "active link" to Alice Goodwin's official website, but, at the time I'm putting this
image gallery together, her website is still under construction.  When it does become live and ready, you
will be able to find it at this web address:

Well, that's enough chatter for now; it's time to enjoy the sexy image gallery......
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
Sexy UK Glamour Model - Alice Goodwin - Image Gallery
Exotic Babe
UK Model
Glamour Queen
Naughty, naughty...
A. Goodwin
Alice Goodwin
Alice G., does this mean class is over?
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