It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
One of the most incredible and exciting UFO encounters in history, took place on October 19, 1960,
when a 15-year-old Canadian says he met the ancient astronauts who have guided man's destiny
over the centuries.  His story continues below...

Ivan Boyes had never heard of UFOs when he arrived home from school that gloomy winter
evening in 1960, and decided to get a start made on his homework.

"A very strange feeling came over me as I sat there," he recalls.  "I had the overpowering urge to
get up and go outside.  Pretty soon that feeling became a compulsion.  I left the house around 7
o'clock and walked to the Queen Elizabeth Highway.  I was being pulled by an unknown power to an
equally unknown destination!"

Young Ivan hitched a ride to the Welland area of Ontario and then walked into the bleak
countryside - to the north of the highway.

"Suddenly the whole area around me lit up, and at first I thought someone had dropped a nuclear
bomb!  Then I realized the brilliant source of light was directly above me."

The teenager later described the light as soft and brilliant, and within its brightness he could make
out the shape of a large, bluish-white craft.

"The craft was oval shaped and was 100 feet above the ground, and at least that much in
diameter," the boy recalls.  "The next thing I remember is finding myself on board what I took to be
a flying saucer."

Boyes says he was standing inside some sort of transparent tube.  When he looked around, he saw
that the craft was circular in design, constructed of an opaque, bluish-white colored metal.  The
instrument panels and floor were of the same material.

"A white-haired alien approached me and said:  
We have brought you here because there are many
important things to be done - in the future of the earth
."  The alien then led Boyes to a small screen
located on the control panel, where he punched in a series of commands to a computer.

"The scene that flashed on the screen I recognized from my geography books as Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil," Boyes recalls.  "It was an aerial view.  Either the saucer had
travelled into the future, or I
was looking at a time screen of Earth's future.  The city began to convulse from an earthquake of
extreme magnitude, causing the tall buildings to quiver.  A burst of flames shot up like a great,
writhing snake from the center of the city.  The a colossal tidal wave crashed in from the Atlantic.  
Within minutes the entire eastern coastline of Brazil had disappeared."

Boyes learned
from the aliens that the disaster would be caused by a new land mass rising out of
the Atlantic Ocean......a process that has already begun, geologists tell us.

"The alien said our civilization was coming to its end.  He told me that I was taken aboard their ship
because they needed my help.  We believe life has been on this planet for one billion years.  The
aliens told me it has been three times that long!  ...And that they had played a major part in creating
the civilizations of the world."

Boyes says that the
ancient astronauts let him travel with them into the past, where they had
helped man engineer his civilization.

---Editor's Interjection:  I've already stated in earlier chapters that I do not believe in the ability to
be able to travel into the past and that if
time travel was possible, it could only be forward via
wormholes or by other means.  This whole supposed "alien encounter" story is starting to sound
more & more like a load of
Dino dung to be ignored or stepped over. ---

"In the 1960s I began to travel quite often and saw different ages and empires like Atlantis and Mu
and some even further back, in the Triassic Age," he recalls.  "
Ancient Egypt's real history began to
unfold as I saw flying cars and the Great Pyramid in 12,000 B.C.
I saw the sinking of Atlantis, prehistoric Greenland and many other places.  Many times I stopped to
question the inhabitants,
gathering information for the aliens.  NASA and the Soviet space
programs have spent billions studying the ancient Mayan culture to discover what the ancient
astronauts taught them about space travel.  There is evidence that the Maya reached as far as
Antarctica, and their strange policy of non-contact with other civilizations still baffles scientists.

...But the mysteries of Egypt, Sumeria, Easter Island and others, are small potatoes compared with
ancient cities to be found in North America, Tibet and parts of South America -- which predate
these civilizations by millions of years."

Boyes, who has passed polygraph tests that prove he is speaking the truth, believes that the
ancient astronauts are about to return and that they will reveal to us what we have to do to salvage
our civilization.  Perhaps then, we will all be given a
glimpse into our glorious past...and our
uncertain, perilous future......

Editor's Comment:
For the most part, unlike the other chapters in this section, this whole "alien encounter" story
seems like a load of hooey via desperate hogwash of utter poppycock!  The
time travel babble
needs to be ignored, along with the concepts of this notion supposedly coming from a 15-year-old
kid that "had never heard of UFOs before."  Yeah right; get real...
If that's the case, how in the hell is this kid describing the events in such a science-fiction based
orientation of alien bliss?  Don't get me wrong, I like the vibe of the story's baseline in which this
particular plot runs, but I detest the claims within its chosen, preselected form of grammatical
format or layout.  Then again, maybe this will encourage more people to write science fiction
novels or at least motivate you to slap together a good ol' Alien Encounter
book.  Anyway......

Look below, for the complete list of chapters on this topic. Cheers!

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Did the Greada Treaty really happen?"
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