It is merely quintessential quaintness in a vertical, upright rectitude
towards a grammatical virtue that  leads into free-spirited expression.
Aliens from another world?  Were the first earthmen astronauts?
This world was shapeless, unformed, primitive...  There was just one land mass surrounded, as
she'd seen from the plexiglass observation bubble of her orbiter, by a green, heaving sea.  The
land itself was in the process of creation.  Great masses of molten rock were being thrust upwards
from the ocean floor, erupting here and there in gigantic volcanoes.  More than anything else, it
was the molten lava from the volcanoes, cooling and hardening as it hit the sea, that was forming
the solid that over millions of years would split & divide and form vast continents.

The dominant life form then, if you could call it that, was an arthropod with a distinctive
three-lobed, three-segmented form.  "Like this world itself," she recorded into her ship's memory
banks, "the arthropod is primitive and shows no signs of intelligence.  Each of its body segments
has a pair of jointed appendages.  The forward appendages are modified into sense and feeding
organs.  Most of these creatures have a pair of compound eyes, though some are blind..."

She gripped the arms of the chair as another earth tremor rocked the tiny orbiter, and she felt the
craft lift itself a few feet from the outcrop of rock that jutted precariously out over the ocean and
hover briefly till the tremor died away.
The little shuttle then settled itself back onto the rock, the automatic pilot light in the cabin turning
from red to green.

"Autopilot on standby," the computer told the astronaut unnecessarily, and she frowned in slight
annoyance as she resumed dictating into the ship's memory banks:  "The arthropods are active
predators, but some appear to be plankton feeders..."  She sighed and brushed her flaming red
hair away from emerald green eyes.  The hand she used was long and slim, the middle of her seven
fingers bearing the simple platinum and diamond band of the Space Academy.

"I know I am here as part of a plan to find worlds where advanced life forms can be seeded to grow
and flourish, and I am happy to accept that responsibility.  But..."
[She looked out of the plexiglass at the distant volcanoes and the scurrying, mindless arthropods,
bustling between the ocean and the land.] "...But I doubt that I have found such a world here."

Yet she was keenly aware of her duty, which was to take a closer look at the planet.  And, despite
the obvious dangers, that meant physically getting out of the orbiter......

She removed her silver-colored boots and put on a pair of simple sandals, because she felt these
would give her a better foothold on the slippery rocks.  At her command, the orbiter let down a
short ladder and she climbed down onto the rock.  She walked slowly, feeling her way in the murk,
towards the base of the outcrop.  Tall, and incredibly beautiful in her glittering, climate-controlled
spacesuit, she quickly realized she had made a mistake in her choice of footwear.  The barely
cooled volcanic rock under her feet was searing hot.

The alien turned and walked quickly back towards the orbiter; she needed boots for this work!  
It was then, unnoticed by her, that her right foot stepped in a puddle of liquid mud -- right on top of
a voraciously feeding arthropod...

She had no way of knowing it then, but the accidental death of that lowly arthropod was the first
domino that tipped over, starting a chain reaction that lasted millions of years and altered the
history of the earth, eventually paving the way for mankind.  Science tells us that time travellers
who might one day visit the distant past could alter the course of world history simply by bending a
single blade of grass or stepping on a scurrying ant.

---Editor Interjects:  That last sentence is best used to demonstrate that minor events of the past
can have major impacts in the future.  Other than that, as much as I enjoy sci-fi flicks featuring time
travel, I cannot accept any theories of travelling back into time.  I can see, at best, being able to
leap or travel into the future via wormhole or by other means, but never backwards.  
Plus, whether it was the crafty humanoids from planet Earth or some alien visitor, if we had the
ability to go back into the past and change stuff...the cosmos would have already turned into one
great universal cataclysmic disaster.  

Who knows what tremendous forces the death of that single, primitive animal set in motion?
There is also the intriguing possibility that the arthropod was not killed entirely by accident...but
was the major motivating factor of a divine plan for this planet of ours.

The footprint the alien left in the mud and the trilobite she accidentally killed, happened
570,000,000 years ago.
...How do we know?
Because her fossilized footprint and the dead arthropod are still with us!  In June 1968, an amateur
fossil hunter named William Meister uncovered the footprint near Delta, Utah.  The print clearly
shows the impression of a sandaled foot 10 inches long and a little more than 3 inches wide.
The heel, as is normal in human footprints, is indented more than the toes.

The print was examined by a consulting geologists from Arizona, and by the Anthropology
department of the University of Utah, and news of the amazing find was published in the Deseret
News, a paper that covers that area.
The fossilized footprint was discovered embedded in solid rock after Meister had split the rock
with his hammer.  The incredible fossil clearly shows that a sandaled foot had stepped on a
trilobite.  The rock is estimated by scientists to be almost 600 million years old; and trilobites, small
marine arthropods, the remote ancestor of crabs and shrimps, have been extinct for almost 300
million years.

One scientist said at the time of the discovery:  "
Of course, whoever or whatever stepped on the
trilobite couldn't be human as we understand the term.  But the question remains:  what DID leave that

Mankind, human beings, didn't evolve on Earth until a mere 2.4 million years ago, give or take a
millennium or two, and indeed did not wear footwear of any kind until a few thousand years before
the [supposed] birth of Christ.  The eerie fossilized footprint is spectacular evidence that the earth
must have been visited by ancient astronauts in the unthinkable distant past.

The probability is that the descendants of that beautiful, flame-haired alien continued to visit this
planet, engineering the landscape and genetically improving the dominant life form till man
became an intelligent, thinking being with the potential to find his own way among the glittering
reaches of the distant stars.

Editor's Comment:
This little creative story could very well be possible, in the sense that this planet was visited by
aliens even during Earth's utmost early stages of planetary development.  To me, however, with it
being so hot, violent, and tempestuous, it would seem less likely that the intentions of the visits
were initially for the sake of man, as the surrounding conditions were far, far away from our
suitability.  Either way, you can rest assured we have had many visitors......

Look below, for the complete list of chapters on this topic. Cheers!
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