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Anna Semenovich - Russian Babe - Sexy Model - Images
Height:  5ft 10in
Born:  March 1, 1980
Occupation:  Ice dancer (in the past), Model, Singer, Actress
Breasts:  Natural and Large; weighing in at approximately 34E

Here of late, the babe galleries at has featured a lot of swimsuit / bikini / exotic /
lingerie / glamour models from the
So, to change it up a bit, I thought I'd add an athletic, ex-ice dancer from Russia to the mix.  Anna had a
very successful career as a figure skater and was a medalist at several national and international
Anna Semenovich quickly got into modelling, singing and acting after retiring from figure skating at age
21.  With her obvious attributes and athletic body, being a model was just plain natural (just like her
succulent breasts).  She has appeared in many tabloids and magazines along with her obvious presence
on the Internet - especially via image searches (ha-ha!).  
I must say, she really looks great in black lingerie!
There is no need to type a bunch of information about the
sexy seductress known as Anna Semenovich,
as this page will primarily be used to blast several hot images of this Russian

However, if you're looking to read more about this athletic femme fatale, I'll provide a couple links for ya:

Wiki link:  

Encyclopedia of Big Boobs - Boobpedia link:

Okay, enough talk; lets get on with the hot gallery images already!
Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view:
Sexy Image Gallery
Anna is hot!
A. Semenovich in the mirror...
Russian Babe posing for the camera...
Sexy model!
Anna awaits...
She is sporting a semi-transparent top...
Looking good...
A nature pic with her on the grass and barely dressed.
Oh yeah...
Hot!  Anna Semenovich by the fireplace!
Anna S. in panties and a skimpy undershirt.
Magazine Cover
Black Lingerie!
Wanna play?
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