‘Christmas Rebellion’

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It is that time of year and yes, for the unfortunate retail folks (Wal-Mart workers included) bearing the weight of the ferocious frugalities known to man…and for all the other superstitious, sentimental gluts and flatulent fucks:   the season to be frolicked is finally here.  Yeah, praise be … ?

Is it just me, or has the “holidays” become more of a merchandising method of madness, an obligation to a gift-giving notion (to people you rarely even relate to), an indecisive, annual, and a possible last-minute debacle that you often dread?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally see the glee in traditions geared towards a family, but I’m speaking from a common/typical normalcy that has evolved into this gadget-infested life of cold-hearted, computerized, illogical idiocies – while simultaneously conveying this wonderfully stress-free idea of a “Christmas Rebellion.”

Look here, to the ones who are disconcerted, dear moronic imbeciles:

How many people look at Christmas as anything other than gift-swapping and get-togethers with FOOD?

Okay…   Why can’t y’all supposed close-knit individuals do this without a calendar, or maybe even display this “group hug” crap – anytime of the year???  You know, since we all just love everybody and are just so damn fuckin’ cordial to each other, right?   [Ha!]

If there is all this “love,” then why just share it on the “holidays?”  Is there a reason for this pretension of bull-shit that gets exploited and manipulated by the marketing industry every year now?  Is there a sacredness to these dates?  Yeah, well, the Winter Solstice is historically known for providing lots of festivals, celebrations, royal feasts, pagan parties, and even the Christians managed to get their fork into this seasonal pie as well; and most likely, there were many other amusing, astute, amplified sovereign acts that transpired during this time of year – down through the timetables of history. Speaking of that, even the damn so-called “Mayan Prophecy of Doom” is roughly aligned along the same beloved time of year.

—Merry Christmas (Ha-ha-ha!)

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Fuck you, Santa

Fuck off, Santa…you feign, heroic bastard……


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