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Revolution beckons ‘rural’ lifestyle

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Living in an urban majority, filled with all the techno-gadgets that seem to perpetually cause brain damage, control the minds, and hold most of society spellbound & dependent, it would be nice to see a change.  Backward as it may sound, a revolution that beckons for a rural lifestyle would do more good than harm.

Anti-control and anti-dependence should take place, along with the old adage “we need to work together” could also transpire during this progression that leads to less needs upon corporate systems.

The problem is, we have too many dependencies due to sheer laziness & unadulterated ignorance, and too much manipulation from the governmental system…or maybe the government simply manipulates the people, you decide.

In the U.S., we have welfare & disability-benefit-abuse that adds to middle-class burdens.  The working, tax-paying “middle class” people are the weight-carriers for a lot of these apathetic beings.  I know, and I’ve seen and heard about too many people that have feigned ailments just to draw free money or individuals who intentionally have excessive amounts of kids to collect more free, good ol’ welfare funds & food stamps.  I’ve worked in grocery stores & retail before, and I’ve seen the governmental “funded individuals” who never work, buy the expensive steaks and seafood (with free money) while the actual “workers” often have to settle for bologna and hot dogs – it is fucking sickening!  I understand there is a major glitch in this world known as the big-city, sophisticated life that harbors drones, but more people need to start living a rural-type life – even if you live in an urban area, to get back in touch with what life actually is.

Lets get back to a tangible life that actually is living, instead of our primary focus being on egotistically mechanical, man-made contraptions.

You want to throw corporations in a whirl?  Start buying less from big businesses and start doing more for yourself.  Move out of the damn city, if possible.  Grow your own food, hunt & fish for your own meat, build your own things, be frugal when you do have to shop, claim your own countryside, and get the hell away from these freaks of monetary obsession.  I know, this requires a lot of effort outside of the normalities of society.

Don’t let the saying “working for a living” become a folklore.  What I’m saying may seem like nonsense now, but if ignored, the controlling factors of governments & corporations will just sink their teeth into your futuristic freedom, even further.

Take the prior verbiage as poppycock or with whatever type of seasoning you like, but a revolution against this controlled world not only requires individuality, but it beckons for a rural lifestyle and/or one that isn’t materialistic; one that is realistic!


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Ad Revenue has ruined Quality

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This post is intended to dishearten the readers; no bull-shit here.

Unfortunately, with all the advertising opportunities that are readily available to the public, bloggers, content writers, and pretty much anybody who gets online, you can sell ads no matter what you write and who you are! Advertisements are not the problem, it is the ones writing the content for manipulation that are to blame for these lackluster, supposed things they call “articles.”

It gets to the point where I hate saying the words ‘writers’…’article’ or calling information ‘content’…… Is it? Really? What are you trying to sell???

Ad Revenue has not only ruined quality, it has ruined a significant portion of the (www.) world wide web.  I’ve seen way too much crap, incorrect info, spam/scraper sites, poppycock, hogwash, and baloney that has been published, approved and showed up on ‘search results’ from major Search Engines, to know what I’m saying is true.

We have too many people trying to make nickles & dimes while typing about things they either know nothing about or simply by typing about nothing.

Occasionally, I’ll amuse myself and search on the web for stuff that I’m either highly knowledgeable about or have firsthand experience in, and I’m stricken & sickened with the erroneous information that materializes in front of me…but never shocked (anymore) by the repulsive amount of advertisements that lay before my eyes.

Look, I know the inner-workings of some things, especially Ad Revenue, and there is only one definite, precise, absolute, utter way to extinguish this dilemma between keeping the web content high-quality or letting the Ads continue to be set aloft into the blogosphere and everywhere else on the web, which diminishes quality……and that would be an intense screening of the “publishers” so they would get their “works” examined by the companies paying for the advertisement to begin with.   Don’t let just anyone try to sell ads; this free-for-all is exactly the problem!  You got idiots talking to the same ilks, while giving a lot of us more to filter out, all in the process of “searching on the web.”  Yeah, I’d hate to be the spider responsible for this mess.

Most of the ad-pushers (not all of them) taint the quality, misinform the readers and give the ones that actually know, more bull-shit to sort through.  Good job, to all of y’all desperate fucks without a laborious task at hand; lets just sell ourselves to the bottomless pit of the advertising abyss.

I know too many people that just type anything in their supposed article,  and get frantic over silly “keywords” for their “SEO” that it just makes me sick!  What are you, a freakin’ robot that uses unintelligible jargon?  Do you even know what you’re talking about, do you even care, or are you more worried about some stupid Search Engine’s Algorithm in hopes you’re found on some moronic Search Query so you can sell ads to misinformed people!?

Sometimes, I get so disgusted with these imbecilic, doltish freaks, it makes me want to have an internal & external combustion that sets my selective, (chosen upon sight) advertising adversaries on fire!

Who knows, maybe I’m writing this just to possibly sell some ads in the present or future.  I did put this post in the ‘rant’ section, so I’m definitely trying to be relevant, pertinent, and germane……you know, for SEO reasons, right?  Ha-ha!

Update:  Some time early in 2011, Google did execute what they called a “Panda Update” that helped lower the rank of content farms and certain types of scraper/spam websites, so this helped some, but the crappy articles with poor information is still ranking high on some sites.   By the way, if you do decided to go with a PPC revenue, Google AdSense seems to be the best; cheers!

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