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Quantum Mechanics & Chaos – Resources


Below, I’ll provide resources and brief introductions to Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Chaos.   I haven’t had much time to post on this blog, due to having 3 other websites that I’m currently working on, in addition to another one (article-submit site) that I’m submitting work to.   So, I’ll just drop down some links to some crazy physics.   By the time you unravel all of these scientific problems, I should have already made it back by then…for additional updates to this blog.   Ha-ha!

First in line, is a theory to entertain the science aficionados, called “Chaos Theory.” In this concept, ‘chaos’ doesn’t mean complete disorder.   A common metaphor is “A butterfly flaps its wings and a hurricane begins on the other side of the planet.   Sound silly?   Perhaps, but I’ll provide the wiki-link, to get you started.
Wikipedia’s version of this Butterfly Effect: Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics, physics, and philosophy studying the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Read more…
Next up, is Quantum mechanics (QM).   The discovery of cathode rays, way back in 1838, by Michael Faraday…was sort of like the onramp to QM.
Later on, the developments in quantum mechanics hastily led to its status as the “standard formulation for atomic physics.”
Wikipedia’s take on QM:  Quantum mechanics is a set of scientific principles describing the known behavior of energy and matter that predominate at the atomic scale. Read more…

Now, lets fuse the Chaos theory together with Quantum Mechanics and investigate it under the field of “Quantum Chaos.”
Wikipedia’s Resources:  Quantum chaos is a branch of physics which studies how chaotic classical systems can be shown to be limits of quantum-mechanical systems. Read more…

Happy researching……butterfly_effect

Genesis Theory via Scientific Parody

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At the end of this video, you’ll see quotes from Michael S.  Instead of copying them here, I’ll just rephrase the words, so it won’t be plagiarism.

In this video, Michael Shermer, author of “Why Darwin Matters,” tries to portray the preposterous logic that occurs when you attempt to insert the bolts of science into the pinholes of religion.  He captured this scientific revison, and made a new version of the Genesis creation theory/story.  He didn’t intend it to be some sacrilegious parody of the original, lovely poetic story of Genesis, but to make his point, he gave it a fresh, new touch…sort of like an add-on or remodel to what the creationists have already done; especially since most creationist insist that Genesis be read not as a myth but as a scientific actuality through a simple reinterpreted language. Basically, the point is, by using terms within the scientific community of today, in theory, this would be the version of Genesis @ our present time of existence.
Yes folks, it is the Genesis Theory via Scientific Parody…

This video is very amusing and is worth a view; check it out below:

My favorite part, was when he said God became angry with the people and told them to “go forth and multiply themselves,”  (translated via colloquial English – go fu*k yourself!).  Ha-ha!  I hope y’all enjoyed this video/parody…

Hail to thee...

—Update:  I’ve recently wrote an article that was semi-related to this subject.

Visit:  Creation Theories – Ultimate Queries

Short Stories: Delayed ‘Mid-Life’ Crisis

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A 45-year-old man (John) woke up one day, only to find that he has been asleep for the last 20 years or so.

He fell for the routine of life, and jaded from it all. His 2 kids are grown up and have gone away.

His wife of 27 years left him; a sense of freedom has now reinstalled.

Where does he start from here? Where does he go; what does he do?

This wasn’t a mid-life crisis; he didn’t make this happen nor did he feel in a state of panic.

With no choice but to start over, it is child’s play once more.

Back to the bars he went; here comes the beer and random women, and gladly he will fall.

With a pocket full of money one night, John met this young gal at the bar.

She was attractive & young, way out of his league. Her name was Jane.

She had a tightly wrapped youthful package, big fake breasts, nice hips, juicy ass, the works.

After a few beers, he made a couple jokes, and threw out the gesture, “what would you do for a thousand dollars, babe?”

Jane’s shocking reply was, “hell, for a thousand dollars, I’d do you.”

They quickly got the hell out of there; John took her to his place.

He wrote her a check, but told her it had to be for the whole night.

He also demanded that they do it at least twice and one of the times had to be anal sex.

Jane, although not bothered by his request to stick it up her bunghole, insisted that he wear a condom for both times, but he gave her a wholehearted decline.

She wasn’t going to do it and nearly left, but she needed the money badly because she had a lot of medical bills to pay.

She attempted once more, and this time he said in a less friendly way, “I’m not wearing a friggin’ condom and I want what I paid for, now!”

After hearing his tone, Jane said, “Fine then; you get what you pay for!”

They proceeded with sex, and it was grueling and vigorous. John acted like a savage beast and/or like a caveman that just got turned loose.

He had her in the rear-entry (doggy style) position at first, but he was enjoying it all too well.

John, being afraid he was going to have a premature ejaculation (he didn’t want this for a first impression), switched her to a less stimulating, classic, missionary position.

He continued pumping her for a few more minutes, while squeezing her huge breasts. Then, he started pulling her hair right before he was about to climax.

As he was doing this, with the “condom thought” in his mind, he started thinking about how she might have said that because she wanted no chance at getting pregnant.

Even though he was 45-years-old, there could still be a chance.

So, he frantically pulled out of her vagina and ejaculated all over her chest and onto her face. Ahh, he felt so relieved.

Jane got up, feeling a little disrespected and sarcastically said, “thanks a lot; you could have at least warned me.”

A few hours later, he got his second turn, as he requested, except this time it was anal action.

John didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant this time, so when he was done, he could unload his semen inside of her sphincter.

She stayed the rest of the night, and left the next morning with her thousand dollar check.

But, before leaving, she asked for his phone number. John quickly gave it to her, in hopes she would come back for more – without having to pay for it.

John felt great after having sex with this young babe; his self-esteem was high and he was on top of his game.

For the next couple of months, he was bar-hopping and having the time of his life.

He got a phone call one morning from Jane, and she told him that she had AIDs.

Now, John realizes he actually has a major mid-life crisis. It was just delayed, don’t ya think?

—The End

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Galactic Cluster – Images from the Cosmos

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I’ll provide a couple beautiful images of the NGC 3603 cluster via the cosmos.  This area is located on one of the spiral arms of our galaxy (Milky Way).
With lots of glowing gas and plasma, in addition to all the bright stars, these galactic pics can make a person feel small. …Sort of like a tiny speck of dust in the universe, you know?  One would have to be incredibly arrogant to look up at the sky or at depictions like this, and still think we are alone.  The aliens are watching…

—Click on the Images below, to Enlarge for a better View:



With all the questions and musings towards the boundlessness of space, the cosmos in general, mystery of the space time continuum, creation theories, eternity, and the unfathomable possibilities of invisible & parallel universes, one cannot help but wonder……

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Need more images from the Cosmos?

Visit the Astronomy ‘Picture of the Day’ via NASA!

Update: This is a rather old post without very much content.  Instead of deleting it, I thought I’d provide some additional links of some newer posts found within the ‘Deep Thoughts’ category, along with another post that included some attractive images from NASA, featuring spiral galaxies……

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* “Does Telekinesis or Psychokinesis really exist?

* “Can you see or sense anything outside this 3 dimensional realm?

* “Black Holes & Spiral Galaxies

—End of Post “Galactic Cluster – Images from the Cosmos”

Was there an Entity in my Winter Fire?

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It was a nice winter day; it finally quit snowing, and the the sun came out.  What a perfect time to start a fire!  I shoveled out the snow from the fire pit I constructed a few months ago, gathered some previously cut dry wood, kindling, gasoline, my camera (to take pictures), my girlfriend (no, I didn’t throw her into the fire), and beer (for my own consumption).
Everything was going okay, except for a slow start getting the fire hot – due to all the moisture around it.  I told my girlfriend I was going to take a few pictures, and for her to throw some extra gas on it for the camera effects.  Well, I snapped this photo right after the fire went “poof” and look at the results……
———Click the Image Below, To Enlarge:
Who is this fire demon, depicted above?

Who is this fire demon, depicted above?

If you look closely (after you click it – to enlarge), can you see a kneeling entity in my winter fire?  I can see the nose, mouth, eyebrows, arms, feet, waist, hips, 2 thighs, and the works.  Interesting, huh……