Forum Philosophy – Toilet Paper for the Weak…

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This post is dedicated to all of the sissy cry babies found at online forums within certain community sites on the web.  Yes, the folks who are extremely sensitive and try to get people banned for so-called “personal attacks” if you decide to confront them, disagree with them, and display too much of something called wits & intelligence.  Fun-fun!
Toilet Paper for the Weak...

Toilet Paper for the Weak...

Toilet paper is a soft paper product (also known as tissue paper) used to maintain personal hygiene after human waste release – due to bowel movements, dung release, fecal fling out, defecation, piss and/or urination! It can also be used for other purposes such as absorbing spillages or even semen, for that matter. Its origin dates back as far as 1862, but one can only hope the “Homo erectus” at least used tree leaves! It differs in composition somewhat from facial tissue…not to misconstrue as a “facial” that is often known within the porn industry, but most toilet paper is designed to decompose in septic tanks.

The Homo sapiens currently use this form of “toilet tissue” in abundance, mostly due to overeating, along with rampant outbreaks of violent diarrhea, and whatnot… Ha-ha!

The lesson: One must know these things when entering online forums, as you better be equipped with moist wipes and toilet tissues or else you might get banned or something… There is definitely a lot of “sensitive” weak individuals out there…so moist wipes need be applied!

—End of Forum Philosophy 101

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