How to remain ignorant…

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Before you begin reading this hogwash, you must remember: this is a sarcastic way of saying “how to become more aware.”

One must block out everything except for what you want to hear; think selfishly and you shall remain ignorant.

One must only accept compliments; never absorb insults or ponder over what you could’ve did and/or why you make others mad.

To think that you may be wrong, is completely out of the question; you are your own universe of ignorance!

Here’s an easy way to achieve your ignorant goal: Just blindly go out and select an organized religion and adhere to it like a crazed lunatic!

Ignore your naturalistic surroundings and never pay attention to the harmony of nature; if you start looking too closely, you may start becoming aware of your own existence – no, no; that’s bad!

An educated way to remain ignorant, is by going to college and becoming a “textbook warrior” while being dependent on textbooks for all of life’s questions. This educated path to ignorance often leaves people brain damaged and can cause the individual to no longer think for themselves.

Happiness can go with both awareness and ignorance, so this aspect doesn’t apply; you can be depressed or happy while being ignorant.

Dull you imagination down with whatever depressive, mundane thoughts you can think of. When thinking of life, think “routine.”

Go easy on the drugs & alcohol, since some of these “substances” can really open up some creative thoughts. ……Hold on a second, I need a beer!

Fall into the monetary trap of society and become materialistic, if possible; be a proud consumer cog, et cetera.

Those were just a few examples; I could list more, but why bother?

The real message behind this nonsense and lackluster verbiage: This was an easy way of sarcastically saying how to become more aware. Yada-yada, blah-blah, woot-woot!

Consciousness, Human Mind, Cognitive Powers, Ignorance, Awareness...

Consciousness, Human Mind, Cognitive Powers, Ignorance, Awareness...

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