Academic Writing – Work at Home – Is it for you?

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It still amazes me how college kids can basically pay to get their homework done, essays & term papers wrote, etc. Hey, do you want to write their essay? Sure ya do, umm, I mean, huh?

Freelancing is a great opportunity for experienced writers to get paid-for-project type payouts as opposed to what many of you do now. Most “writers” (I use the term loosely for multiple reasons) depend on ad revenue and/or affiliate-based commissions, which works great for some, mediocre for others, all while many fail miserably.

Some of the benefits that freelance writing projects provide: 1) there is no long-term commitment; 2) you pick the writing tasks; 3) you work when it is convenient for you; 4) it has the potential to produce a nice stream of income; 5) once you’ve claimed victory upon the freelance world, you can start taking a stronger grip on things and begin doing your own thing – with less limits.

Some of the drawbacks of freelancing: 1) it is often hard to get established, but after you complete a few jobs successfully, your ranks will rise; 2) it can often be a big mess to sort through the Freelance Boards trying to find work; 3) jobs are usually put on a first-come-first-serve market, which makes it hard for newbies to snag good writing tasks with low ranks – especially with all the eager, established writers out there; 4) there are limits to the topics you write about, along with guidelines, etc. 5) the inevitable time limits and deadlines – once a project is started; 6) there is not a lot of room for creative writing; deal with it.

Now, with some of the pros & cons lined up in perspective to one another, it depends on you. I’m not trying to discombobulate you, I’m merely motivating you in a silent way…

Now, you may ask, what is all this talk about academic writing? Well, it is just another task to be tackled, for some, and it’s just something to be avoided, by others.

Due to the ethical issues, when it comes to doing someone else’s work while they get credit for it, this may not be for you. If you’re just in it for the money, what difference does it make? Weigh out your differences; it should be a simple ($) dilemma to overcome ($).

Below, I’ll provide a link to a site that is a prime example of academic writing, as that is their main priority. They also have options for content writing and resume writing. Hey, believe it or not, you can actually make money writing other people’s resume, as well. Interesting, huh?

This site promotes the idea of “work at home jobs for freelance writers” and looks really great, if this is your cup of tea.

This is really ideal, if you’re an educated college graduate that has put in your own hard work, in the past, but happen to be out of work (I bet there is a bunch of y’all out there).

You can now, work for Academia Research and give back your skills by doing the work for other people and/or students! Interested yet, or is this not for you?

Anyway, the website is called “Academia Research” and appears to be a high-quality site with a unique focus on working with the writer & customers, along with their 24/7 support system. You may have to provide a few samples of your prior work, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

I must add, there is no phony baloney here. They are all about quality & originality, and if you do use references (you’ll have to, with research stuff) you better know your reference formats, and so on. If you enjoy researching and writing in the fields of economics, science, literature, sociology, psychology, technology, business, and so on, this may be the place for you.

They state that they pay their contracted, freelance writers from $6 to $20 dollars per page with a minimum of 250 words (double-spaced) per page (small page; piece of cake; easy). Of course, they have bigger projects. In general, academic freelance work usually involves writing term papers, essays, dissertations, thesis-style writings, et cetera.

This isn’t a sales pitch, nor was it an attempt to sell adverts; this is simply good advice for the eager writers out there who want to make money online and/or work from home. Is it for you? If so, go for it and seek out what you’re worth as a writer…

If you’re interested in academic writing, check it out below: [Link is no longer active]


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