Legalize Marijuana – for Medicinal & Recreational use?


I’ve pondered about this subject many times and, for the the most part, I usually end up with neutral views on this issue. But, the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to favor the idea of legalizing marijuana – for all purposes. I’m not only speaking about medicinal use, as this should be globally accepted, but I’m also referring to recreational use……

Before I say anything else, I have a few questions: Why is it not legal? Is it because the Judicial branch makes too much money through the court systems, when they prosecute your weed-toking ass for possession charges? I don’t want to hear about court costs for a contrast, as they make their money in abundance – good profit, oops, I mean court system. Is it because it is so hard to tax, due to people privately growing it? Perhaps… What makes marijuana so different from all of these other psycho-active drugs, besides it being safer and less toxic?

Nowadays, people can go to the doctor for barely anything at all, and they are trying to force prescription drugs down your throat. It is amazing at the number of legal “prescription” drugs that are considered “street drugs” by many. Take pain pills, for example. Many people end up becoming dependent/addicted to these sedatives; same applies to ‘muscle relaxers’…and so on. Overdose can easily occur when mixing or taking too much of these so-called FDA approved drugs. Some people take excessive amounts of anti-anxiety/depressent pills just to “trip out.” I’ve seen young kids driving around town, trying to buy other peoples’ prescription sleeping pills to mix with other substances for an enhanced effect, for example. How many people have died off of these “legal” drugs? A lot of people have overdosed from these supposed “legitimate” drugs… With that being said, who has died from marijuana abuse? Huh? Hmm, this is starting to look ridiculous, and it’s making marijuana look even better when it comes to the legality.

On a health note, most of these prescription drugs are toxic to the liver – especially if took in excess. But, the THC in marijuana (the chemical responsible for the effects) is not even considered to be toxic, even if took in large amounts; albeit the smoke does contain toxins. I will say, the main negative effects of marijuana is: it does have an adverse effect on fertility – both male & female, but this usually only concerns the ones who are already having trouble reproducing. THC lowers testosterone levels in males, which is never a good thing. When you smoke weed, like all inhaled smoke, it is not good for your lungs, throat or mouth. Cannabis can impair short-term memory and it does not act in a favorable way, when it comes to general, overall cognitive function. Some people believe THC may help with their creativity, but anything that relaxes you and makes you happy, can have those effects. Anyway, these negative issues do not outweigh the positive and shouldn’t interfere with legalizing marijuana – for medicinal or recreational use.

First, lets look at why we need medicinal cannabis to become legal and available to the citizens of our country and throughout the world: When it comes to medical reasons, its primary purpose is to increase appetite, reduce nausea, and lower intra-ocular pressure in patients with glaucoma (eye condition). You could also say that this substance, when gave to the sick, (people undergoing chemotherapy, etc.) would enhance their quality of life by helping them eat, sleep, and alleviate mild bouts of pain. I’ve also had people tell me personally, that marijuana helps them get rid of their headaches and also lowers their blood pressure, when it is high. I could list a few more possible benefits, but there is too much conflicting data out there, at this time.

Now, lets look at why it should be legal for recreational use: Much like beer, wine, spirits, and cigarettes, people typically use marijuana to relax, reduce stress, and have a good time. What’s wrong with that? I understand that the usage could be more widespread but, for the most part, it is not like they can get it for free. There would be age limits for purchase. There would probably be ‘grower permits’ (with a fee) for the ones who grow their own. Side note: Suddenly, more people would become farmers; ha-ha! There would be a big tax revenue for the government and states, so that should keep them happy. It will help free up some space in local jails & prisons, and it will also cause the court systems to have less congestion.

This all sounds good, so why have I always been neutral about this issue? I’ve never promoted the idea (in the past) of legalizing this drug – due to personal bias, even though I was unbiased in a way – since I was neutral, but it is better than me being negative about this subject. See, a lot of the people I know (locally) who regularly use this substance…are deadbeats, bums, and lazy people with sluggish mental function. They often sell drugs to get drugs & money, et cetera. But after thinking about it, most of these people were already like that, before smoking pot. Just because someone uses marijuana, doesn’t mean they won’t be productive or become brainless. With that being said, my opinion on this matter has shifted towards the notion of legalizing this drug. What’s your opinion?

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