Liver Detox – Milk Thistle


Living in a highly populated and polluted world that still burns coal & oil, is enough in itself, to emit an abundance of impurities that enter your system.

The miraculous Milk Thistle - a healthy, herbal agent for liver health.

The miraculous Milk Thistle - a healthy, herbal agent for liver health.

If you add up all the additives & preservatives that are put into many of the foods we eat, the household chemicals, insecticides & pesticides, the prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs that the majority of people on Earth are accustom to, it comes to the totality of an abundance of toxins.

In addition to all of this listed prior, if you enjoy your regular dose of alcohol, use tobacco or smoke anything, you’ve really got those Kidneys and Liver working overtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who believe a person should perform regular detox rituals and especially since most of the advertised methods are bogus scams and ripoffs. But, I will recommend a natural alternative that is simple and effective. It involves no procedure or special diet, just supplemental pills that you can either take on a regular basis or use sporadically. The primary supplement I’d suggest, is an herbal delight called Milk Thistle.

Before I elaborate about this particular herb and detoxification, lets get one thing clear: Your body, when healthy and not overloaded, is made to naturally detox on its own. Under normal circumstances, you don’t need assistance; your Kidneys & Liver are a duo of detoxing powerhouses. Then again, nowadays, a lot of things are different. This isn’t the same world as it was before; it’s a rat race amongst billions and the quality has dropped in many areas and aspects of life — including food and the air we breathe. So maybe you need a supplemental detoxifying agent or some occasional help from this wonderful substance (Silybum marianum) found in Milk Thistle.

Not only does Milk Thistle help prevent damage to your liver, it also helps induce and speed up the liver’s regeneration process.

Many scientific studies have proven this to be true, along with additional benefits.

The main benefit outside of promoting healthy liver function, being a protector of liver cells and acting as a powerful antioxidant, is the fact that it can help regulate and lower cholesterol to healthier levels. Which many of you know, most of the body’s cholesterol is manufactured within the liver, so this comes to no surprise.


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Other Foods for Detox:

Sulfur-containing foods such as eggs (yolks included), broccoli, cabbage, onions, artichoke, brussel sprouts, radishes, etc., can naturally assist in the detoxification process and of course, they are all healthy side items to add to any meal.

All fruits and any foods high in Vitamin C, are well known for providing the body extra protection from harmful free radical damage.

Flavonoids, like the ones found in tea and especially Green Tea, are also great alternatives.

Other Excellent Alternative Supplements: Dandelion, Korean Ginseng, and Artichoke Extracts.

So whatever your choices are, whether you’re living healthy or not, it’s good to give the body a break and supply it with the nutrients it needs.

We are very resilient creatures, but we don’t need to constantly tax our bodies……

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