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For some reason or another, this is often a controversial topic: whether man was meant to eat meat or was it intended for humans to strictly be vegetarians?

Personally, I disagree with the vegetarian beliefs, simply because it doesn’t sound natural. A human being out in the wild, while trying to survive, would have a very hard time surviving on vegetation alone. It is not that I think people shouldn’t be vegetarians – it is your choice – but to say that we shouldn’t eat meat, is asinine, in my opinion.

Has anyone ever watched the beautiful video, ‘Alone in the Wilderness’? It is the story of Dick Proenneke, living in the Alaska Wilderness. The footage he caught on tape, is an excellent example of what it’s like to make it in the wild and to eat like a foraging hunter and gatherer would. If you like nature and survival type shows, I recommend it.

Anyway, the caveman diet, also known as the “Paleolithic diet,” has positive health benefits. Although, due to your genetics and any pre-existing health conditions (most of them due to today’s version of “food”), an individual’s optimal diet may vary from one to the next. But, in general, reverting back to this Paleolithic-style of eating may be the way to go.

Most vegetarian supporters often misconstrue this reality: It is not the meat or food that is killing the people of today, it is all the preservatives, chemicals, and crap they inject or put into the products. You know, anybody that has read the ‘content labels’ on some of the foods in today’s market, surely has seen some very unusual words while thinking, “What in the … is that? How do you pronounce that? Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate who? Tripolyphosphate what?” And so on…  There is an endless amount of “additives” in our food today. So, the main point being made here, is that organic, clean & lean meat is not bad for you. Unless you’re allergic to it or have a medical condition, anything natural (I mean ‘natural’ as in man didn’t alter it) is always good. Fat is not bad either (saturated included), as it is an essential nutrient. Your body must have lipids, and I don’t mean it is fine to throw pounds of bacon down your throat either – common sense needs to be applied.

Confirmation: I’ve heard about and known of too many people living long, healthy lives that were raised up on a farm and ate pork, chicken, and red meat all of their life – and lets not forget, this was also home-raised food without any additives or chemicals. Things have changed, and drastically so, over the last several decades.

Think as a foraging hunter and gatherer would: Random types of lean meats due to fresh kills, raw vegetables, and fruits. And yes, you can cook the meats & vegetables and still be primitive. Nobody really knows when fire was first discovered, other than it being from someone or some thing … long, long ago. Who knows, maybe an alien dropped off some know-how for these primitive beings, and then deployed into another region in space?

When thinking retrospectively, all the continents used to basically be intact. I noticed the globe looking like a jigsaw puzzle a long time ago, when I was in Kindergarten class. Nobody really knows how many times life has started & re-started on this planet, but after the continents did split apart, it has been all about adaptation, acclimation, and evolution of species. Sure, if this was a perfect world in a constant state of stagnant conditions on one giant plateau, we could have an absolute, optimal diet for everyone. On second thought, after a population boom, I think humans would do poorly on a one-continent world, think about it…… I’m glad the continents split apart. Anyway, the prior statement is irrelevant.

Bottom line: Don’t blame the meat; praise the caveman. Now, go cook yourself a wholesome steak from an organic cow, etc. If you want optimal diet plans, eat like the farm raised people of the past or follow the Neolithic critters of the Stone Age and eat like a foraging hunter and gatherer would; aim for natural, organic foods……

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Organic meat without additives, is A-OK.

Organic meat without additives, is A-OK.

What’s your opinion? Are humans designed to eat meat?

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