Botfly Larva – Wicked Maggot

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The Botfly, commonly spelled “Bot Fly,” also known as the torsalo and warble fly, is about twice the size of a common housefly.

Its maggot larva are known to live as parasites in human flesh, along with other animals and whatnot. The Botfly’s larva burrows itself into the flesh, and begins to consume body tissue while being able to breath air from its own backside (as odd as that may sound).

This wicked fly, is a sly little bastard, and often uses mosquitoes to transport their eggs, and when the mosquitoes bite a person, for example, the eggs are released onto the victim due to your body heat.

I recently stumbled upon this subject matter because we had kittens a few months ago and…the mother of the kittens turned up missing, so we had to pay special attention to them. The runt of the bunch, which we named “Crummy,” had this sore on its neck and it seemed to be infected. My girlfriend put antibiotics on it and brought the cat inside. A couple days later, it seemed to get worse and it had a swollen ring around the infected area. Well, one night, my girlfriend came running into the bedroom and woke me up. She said, “oh my god…you won’t believe this, something is living inside of Crummy!” She was totally freaked out and it took her hours to calm down. I looked at what appeared to be this bored out hole in its neck, and ever so many seconds this wormy looking creature would poke its head, ass, or whatever it was, out of the hole and quickly retreat back into Crummy’s neck. To make it short, my girlfriend kept pouring alcohol into the hole, since hydrogen peroxide didn’t seem to work, and it aggravated the Botfly Larva in such a way, it would start to poke out of the opening far enough so she could get some tweezers around it to pull it out.
This is how we come to realize what a Botfly and its larva looked like, and I learned even more about this parasite – after searching online for more information. I’ll provide some informative resource links, in a moment. But first, I’ll drop down a couple images…

Botfly Larva (maggot):


The Repugnant Botfly:


Here’s a few links related to this wicked maggot that contains loads of information and additional images:

Page 1)

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Human Botfly Infestation Story that transpired in Costa Rica: [link is no longer active]

To read more about the human botfly, visit:

Animal Planet video about this sinister Botfly via YouTube:

Well, there you have it.  There’s plenty of resource links and information within those links/pages above, about this lovely subject of Botfly infestation.

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