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Site News:  Originally, one of the many categories within this blog was “fictional short stories.”  Well, as the site has progressed, the blog is mainly being used for informative subjects and miscellaneous topics.  Besides, when keeping up with several blogs and a main site, it is hard to find time to muse fictional writings.  On the other hand, I’ve recently added a creative writing section at the main site.

Currently, the featured creative story is 11 chapters long and is entitled “Were the first Earthmen astronauts?”  In the future, whether fact or fiction, you can find additional stories in our “recent articles” section.

Another section that has died on this blog, is the ‘rant’ category.  When and if I do an occasional rant or have something silly to moan about, you can find it at the Anti-Dolt Blog.  For example, one of my recent gripe sessions at that site was entitled “Lawn Mowing Lunatics.”  …Another example is the one I wrote that was entitled “Working for Nothing.”  Often times, on that particular blog site, in between rants, I spice it up with some sexy bikini girls, succulent breasts, and big booty babes.   …You know, for contrast.  Ha-ha!

—End of Site News

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