Can smoking ‘Ultra Lights’ help you quit?

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ultra_lights…Just after finishing the post “Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers,” I almost immediately thought of this question.

This is not very informative nor is it much of a blog post, but it’s more of a Q & A (question & answer) or no, it is more of a Q & O (question & opinion) post.
Many of the so-called experts tell you that smoking Ultra Lights or Lights is no better for you than full flavored cigarettes.

Well, I have to disagree with the experts on this one, albeit we should all know that all smoke is bad for us. However, I cannot fathom how a cigarette with so much more tar & nicotine can be the same as one with less. It just doesn’t make any sense, nor does a lot of the advice you often hear from “overly educated” idiots. It is also very apparent, that the amount you smoke also effects your health in different degrees along with how you smoke. Yes, I said how you smoke. The tar & nicotine, for example, that a person intakes, is much greater from one who “hits it hard” as opposed to one who gently smokes or lightly sucks on the cigarette. For the most part, guys generally “hit it harder” than females, however that may sound to you. 😛

Anyway, we’ve got off track here. The original question is: Can smoking “Ultra Lights” help you quit? When it comes to the nicotine/chemical addiction, my answer is a very definite “yes!”
I know many may disagree but, in my opinion, it is true. In fact, I have did this in the past and it worked fine, even though it is years later and I still smoke. But, I did quit without much effort, using the Ultra Light method in the past. What my hang up is, involves circumstantial smoking; for example, I like cigarettes with my beer. There are many of these circumstances that get in the way for many people who try to quit and fail. It isn’t just the beer & cigarette combo either. A lot of folks particularly like to smoke after meals, after sex, with their coffee, break times at their place of work, et cetera. Hell, some people even smoke for dieting reasons to curb their appetite, and so on.
Anyway, back to the question at hand: See, I look at Ultra Lights as a good chance to wean yourself from the nicotine addiction, not the psychological or circumstantial addiction. If you can break the chemical addiction by using Ultra Lights, the rest is all mental and/or willpower or resoluteness. My problem with it, is that I have to want to quit, but if I ever decide to do so again, I’ll use the Ultra Lights for a while before stopping completely – as this sort of eases the process. Of course, there are many products on the market to help you quit, so pick your method and best of luck to ya……

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