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himalayan_salt_lampsIn a recent post, I spoke about bringing some flare & creativity to your home, by adding Infinity Mirrors into the mix.  Well, not everybody has the money to spend on those creative-looking mirrors…  But, a more affordable (possibly healthier) alternative is Himalayan salt products, whether it is via lamps, tea light candle holders, globes, fire bowls, etc.  There is a large variety of products available, when it comes to all-natural Himalayan salt.

When I say “possibly healthier,” I’m referring to the notion that the negative ions released from Himalayan, all-natural salt products, when warmed by candle or electricity, is believed by many to enhance your overall sense of well-being.  Negative ions found in nature, produce a calming, relaxing atmosphere – sort of like the atmosphere that is negative-ion rich when you are near a waterfall, in the middle of the woods, by pure mountain air, just after a thunderstorm, close to a seashore, and so on.  Hey, when thinking about the possible health benefits in addition to the glowing beauty from lit Himalayan salt products – along with the low costs – it is well worth the research…

This is what an illuminated ‘Salt Lamp Fire Bowl’ looks like:


The ‘salt lamp fire bowl’ is one of the more expensive products in this particular category, but you get what ya pay for, in this case – which is a nifty, unique display of glowing bliss.  Personally, I’ve only purchased the candle holders and lamps, but I’m quite pleased with ’em, so I saved my money by not buying the blazing bowls, even though I’ll probably snag some up in the future.  By the way, these make for excellent gifts for the hard-to-shop-for individuals, whether it is Christmas time or Birthdays.

This is what the lit ‘tea light’ candle holders look like:


If you’re a big fan of lighting candles and are thinking about buying Himalayan salt crystals, then this is probably your best option.  They are very affordable and attractive.  I have these suckers all over the place in my home, and hey, they look great even without the lit candle.  They bring a very natural look  to your living space, if nothing else. 

Well, there are several other types of products that relate to Himalayan salt, but I’ll let you search for your own self.  However, I will at least help you get started with an Amazon link, and you can go from there – if interested.

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