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Fight Writer’s Block – Creative Writing Prompts


I’ve heard about this many times, you know, this thing they call “writer’s block.”  Luckily for me, I’ve never had this problem since I don’t force myself to write anything.  If anything, I often look forward to a so-called “block,” so I can get out and do other things besides staring at this glowing contraption half the day.

In the past, I owned and operated a few commercial websites and a couple promotional blogs, but due to the market and/or niches that I was involved in at the time, there wasn’t a demand for creative writing (or even good writing) for me to make money online.  Needless to say, my income was not through advert clicks, like most people are out trying to achieve today.  I just had to put in a lot of time & effort, learn a little SEO, and set back and hope for the best while earning affiliate commissions and revenue share via selling services, etc.

After taking a few years off, I now (currently) have only one main website and 4 blogs.   Albeit I do have more interest in creative writing, but I still just ramble and rant at times (on other blogs) and I don’t really have a reason to fight or be hindered by writer’s block or whatever, since I only write when I want to.  Hell, I waste enough time in online debates, comment fields, and forums, although I’ve got better at not wasting as much time doing such unproductive things.  …But it can be fun, though.  LOL!

However, many of you have a need to write constantly, whether it be because it’s your job (such as a columnist or writer for a news site, etc.), a marketer or advertiser trying to sell products & services using content-rich articles, a paid-per-article freelance writer, or because you’re simply an ad-pushing freak (also known as an AdSense whore – LOL!), along with many other reasons that are not worth mentioning.  …Those are the people who may become aggravated when they encounter this “writer’s block” thingy, more often than people who simply write for the fun of it, and so on.

Anyway, this blog post is going to get you started in your search for finding creative writing prompts.   See, I’m temporarily not thinking of me at the moment, and I’m just trying to help out those people who are stuck in a writer’s rut.  Uh, yeah, don’t get used to it…  Ha-ha!

Below, I’ll get you started by providing links to 3 websites that contain prompts for creative writing – to help you kick-start yourself back onto the keypad……

Creative Writing Prompts – Site Links: [They are now inactive]

1) – This website currently has 346 prompts to help you fight writer’s block.  Many of these won’t be useful to you, but some of them may help you greatly.  You just hover your mouse over the numbers and the prompts pop right out at ya…

2) – This is another site featuring creative writing prompts.  Hopefully, you’ll find some stuff on that page that will help you fight the block you’re suffering from.  Get well soon…

3) – I just went ahead and linked to the archive page on this particular site.  Some of these prompts may have already been listed on other websites, but maybe you’ll find something unique that tickles your writing fancy…

If you’re still seeking more prompts to fight your writing impediment, just go to your favorite search engine and type into the search bar, “Prompts for Creative Writing” or “Writing Prompts for Writer’s Block,” etc.

Well, I hope this information and/or resources has helped you.  Now, I’m personally going  the opposite direction, as I’m planning to give myself a self-inflicted case of writer’s block so I can do other things for a while.  Plus, I got a new health & fitness blog that I need to be adding content to,  whenever I decide to unblock myself.  Ha-ha!

—End of Post

Release the Fury!

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I get so tired of hearing about how “that’s negative” or “you’re being negative” or “you need to be more positive” or how “you need to look on the bright side,” etc.
Really? What do we suppose to do, lie about it?
This post doesn’t just apply to me, but the point is that carrying negative thoughts isn’t bad at all, if you find a regular point of release.
Hence forth the title of this post, “release the fury!”

Negativity gets a bad reputation when it comes to health, due to the ones who go around holding it in all the time. I agree; keeping those unhappy thoughts to yourself and never letting them go, is not healthy at all. If you’re a person who is not blinded by the baloney of today’s world and isn’t some fool out there seeking a perpetual rainbow, you may find yourself regularly becoming angry or disgruntled, but what do you do about it?
This is when it is either good to have hobbies that require physical activity or exertion and/or have an outlet to release pent-up frustrations. For example, don’t feel bad about yelling, screaming profanity, or beating the hell out of something, as long as you’re not injuring or harming anyone else or their stuff. Trust me, it sucks when you’re having a bout of rage and you accidentally break something that isn’t yours. It’s an expensive habit, let me tell ya. Ha-ha!

To make your outlet a little more civil, I’d suggest using gym equipment, working out (lift weights), use a speed bag or heavy bag, or get out of the house and walk, run, ride a bike, climb a hill, and so on. But whatever you do, when feeling stressed or angry, release the fury in a positive way!

[Promo Links] You may also find that using the Captains of Crush Hand Grippers will assist you in stress relief. I also hear that Magnolia Extract works well, along with using Ginseng supplements.  Even without any of those, simply having a good laugh will often do the trick.

Now, on the flip side: The ones who go around thinking that life is a bunch of sunshine and rainbows, are often weak individuals who will crumble to pieces when things don’t go their way. They often become depressed and sad, which is not healthy at all! So in a sense, being negative with a regular point of release, is actually healthier because: 1) you don’t lie to yourself and say that everything is okay; 2) you stay motivated; 3) you are always seeking betterment – even when pissed off!
Although, I have met some people who actually seem to enjoy being mad and would probably become depressed if everything started going too well – for an extended period of time. Luckily for them, there are usually plenty of things in this world to moan & gripe about. Ha-ha! Hey, whatever floats your boat.   …Going back to the ones who try to stay positive: I’m not saying it is not healthy, as it obviously is – in most cases. I was merely speaking about the ones with false illusions who can’t handle a letdown, etc.

—The bottom line:  Release the Fury!


—End of Post

Short Poem: Death?

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Death, death, “until death do us apart,” as they say.
From what, you may ask, as the question often equals something that mimics a grand haze.
A gag, a gift, unholy, holy, and something that drifts apart but yet stays.
I am to be one with myself, yet to explore another day.
I shall exist, remain, and without my shadow of doubt, I’ll remain in malaise.
I see myself so I feel now, while cast away, but I finally found a fucking way!
To be or not to be, is what is abstruse.
To do or not to do, is what you often choose.

“Think not, what the scientist says,” speaks the curious theist.
“Think not, what the woo-woo says,” exclaims the angry atheist.

You live, you die, but ya can’t even remember your transit from birth, how so lame.
You die, you live, but ya can’t even go back and proclaim, after you realize this isn’t so insane.

You lie, you lie, death be told; it is all alive as you live, you live; as the universal consciousness survives…

Today you sit and ponder, without nothing to be said but a complex question.
Yesterday you lie there wondering about tomorrow, and why you have the need for detestation.
Tomorrow you seek the answer to something that is unanswerable due to your current infestation.

What’s death when you can’t remember birth and what’s life when you can’t remember death?

The ultimate query is merely at hand, don’t ya understand?


—End of Poem “Death?”

Buy Fire Extinguishers & Smoke Detectors Online


fire_extinguisherIn the past, I’ve always thought: “Hey, our smoke detectors work and we have a few of them spread out within the house, so that should have this fire thing covered.”

Well, not exactly.  For one, in the event of a fire,  depending on the severity of the smoke & fire along with your waking condition, even a smoke detector may not be enough to save you or your family if everyone is sleeping, but it is still a great precaution to take.  But that is not really what this post is about.   It is mostly about how important it is to have a fire extinguisher (or several of them) in your home.

I never really gave the small fires much thought.  In fact, I’ve never really had much dealings with indoor fires, period.  I enjoy starting my own, but nobody wants an unintentional campfire inside their home!  Ha-ha!  Anyway, I’ve had a couple encounters lately. 

This last one involved a certain individual in my home, that dumped an ash tray in our bathroom garbage can – even though there was still a cigarette in there that hadn’t been fully put out yet!   We usually keep our bathroom door partially closed, since me & my girlfriend smoke in there due to it having an exhaust fan built into the ceiling.  Well, anyway, a few minutes later, I got to smelling something.  I opened the door to find a blazing trash can and a cloud of smoke.  When I first seen this disaster, I jumped back and shut the door and yelled, “oh, shit!”  Let me just go ahead and say, that method doesn’t  put the fire out, so I had to do something.  So I take a deep breath of air, run in the smoke-filled bathroom and grab the flaming trash can while running to the sink like a madman trying to escape hell.  I cut the water on, grabbed the kitchen sink sprayer and hosed it down.

Damn!  If I had fire extinguishers spread out throughout the house, I wouldn’t of had to run with a blazing trash can and risk catching other things on fire.  What if I had dropped it onto the carpet, for example.  Oh, to make matters worse, that mini-trash bucket was also made of wood.  So you can imagine what would have happened if I didn’t get to it in time.  Luckily, only a toilet paper roll and a few of the contents inside the bucket caught on fire, but it sure produced a lot of smoke.

There are several other risk factors in the home, that would make one need or want to have fire extinguishers.   I’ve heard of people’s dryers catching on fire, careless cooking on the stove that leads to a big blaze, electrical fires due to bad wiring, lit candles, space heaters setting stuff on fire, and much more……

The link I’m about to provide below, will provide a variety of fire extinguishers.   You can buy the multi-purpose, basic, heavy duty, or even small extinguishers for your car.  Yes, I’ve even seen a car nearly catch on fire due to some idiot not knowing how to install a stereo system.  Once the electrical wires catch on fire, it acts as a fuse; not good.  Anyway, the shopping link is below……

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smoke_detectorNow, if you’re looking to buy Smoke Detectors (a.k.a. Smoke Alarms) online, you may want to also look for the 2-in-1,  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  They are a little more expensive, but these small things can help save people’s lives.

 *Also, if you purchase the battery operated smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, I’d recommend using the Lithium batteries for a longer battery life and a more dependable function.   However, regular batteries usually do fine, but if you choose to not purchase Lithium batteries, I’d make sure to test your Smoke Detectors more often to make sure they are still working.  They come with a simple test button, so it’s no big deal, just a quick push-button test.

 ———————————————>Click Here to search for Smoke Detectors Online<———————————————


—End of Post

Short Poem: Life is too short?


Poem of infinity:

Trains, planes, automobiles, your divine vessels, capsules and bodies, simply carry us through; it is all so real.
Pain, pleasure, love, hate, regret, revenge, sadness, happiness, joviality, science, religion and insanity, keep us entertained; it is all a giant thrill.
Did it ever truly begin and does it eventually end or ever stop?
It was never a grand beginning, and the chaos of creation often seems to flip & flop.
A hesitation was ultimately at hand,
as the god-like gravity defied itself just to explode from its unified centrifugal force to find this thing we call “man.”
Magnetism is upon our universe, while the components are slowly drifting apart.
Could this eventually collapse upon itself for another glorious re-start?

What we do know, as of now, is that what we feel and live for is physically destined for an abrupt halt.
What many don’t realize is, that the ongoing experience is never really at fault.
“I think therefore I am,” is no longer worthy to ponder.
You “Are” because it has always been, whether it is here nor there or over yonder from afar.

Life is not too short, once you realize it all stems from a grand unity of galactic girth.
The eternity, thought or notion of diving into a fictitious hell and grazing upon a feign heaven, should be took all in good mirth.
As this physical world abundantly provides all the answers & problems,
the dividends are endless and the solving is left to the evolving.

The infinity of the space-time continuum is with us all…  Cheers now!

Check out the splendid image below:


—End of Short Poem,”Life is too short?”