Short Poem: Life is too short?


Poem of infinity:

Trains, planes, automobiles, your divine vessels, capsules and bodies, simply carry us through; it is all so real.
Pain, pleasure, love, hate, regret, revenge, sadness, happiness, joviality, science, religion and insanity, keep us entertained; it is all a giant thrill.
Did it ever truly begin and does it eventually end or ever stop?
It was never a grand beginning, and the chaos of creation often seems to flip & flop.
A hesitation was ultimately at hand,
as the god-like gravity defied itself just to explode from its unified centrifugal force to find this thing we call “man.”
Magnetism is upon our universe, while the components are slowly drifting apart.
Could this eventually collapse upon itself for another glorious re-start?

What we do know, as of now, is that what we feel and live for is physically destined for an abrupt halt.
What many don’t realize is, that the ongoing experience is never really at fault.
“I think therefore I am,” is no longer worthy to ponder.
You “Are” because it has always been, whether it is here nor there or over yonder from afar.

Life is not too short, once you realize it all stems from a grand unity of galactic girth.
The eternity, thought or notion of diving into a fictitious hell and grazing upon a feign heaven, should be took all in good mirth.
As this physical world abundantly provides all the answers & problems,
the dividends are endless and the solving is left to the evolving.

The infinity of the space-time continuum is with us all…  Cheers now!

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—End of Short Poem,”Life is too short?”

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