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fire_extinguisherIn the past, I’ve always thought: “Hey, our smoke detectors work and we have a few of them spread out within the house, so that should have this fire thing covered.”

Well, not exactly.  For one, in the event of a fire,  depending on the severity of the smoke & fire along with your waking condition, even a smoke detector may not be enough to save you or your family if everyone is sleeping, but it is still a great precaution to take.  But that is not really what this post is about.   It is mostly about how important it is to have a fire extinguisher (or several of them) in your home.

I never really gave the small fires much thought.  In fact, I’ve never really had much dealings with indoor fires, period.  I enjoy starting my own, but nobody wants an unintentional campfire inside their home!  Ha-ha!  Anyway, I’ve had a couple encounters lately. 

This last one involved a certain individual in my home, that dumped an ash tray in our bathroom garbage can – even though there was still a cigarette in there that hadn’t been fully put out yet!   We usually keep our bathroom door partially closed, since me & my girlfriend smoke in there due to it having an exhaust fan built into the ceiling.  Well, anyway, a few minutes later, I got to smelling something.  I opened the door to find a blazing trash can and a cloud of smoke.  When I first seen this disaster, I jumped back and shut the door and yelled, “oh, shit!”  Let me just go ahead and say, that method doesn’t  put the fire out, so I had to do something.  So I take a deep breath of air, run in the smoke-filled bathroom and grab the flaming trash can while running to the sink like a madman trying to escape hell.  I cut the water on, grabbed the kitchen sink sprayer and hosed it down.

Damn!  If I had fire extinguishers spread out throughout the house, I wouldn’t of had to run with a blazing trash can and risk catching other things on fire.  What if I had dropped it onto the carpet, for example.  Oh, to make matters worse, that mini-trash bucket was also made of wood.  So you can imagine what would have happened if I didn’t get to it in time.  Luckily, only a toilet paper roll and a few of the contents inside the bucket caught on fire, but it sure produced a lot of smoke.

There are several other risk factors in the home, that would make one need or want to have fire extinguishers.   I’ve heard of people’s dryers catching on fire, careless cooking on the stove that leads to a big blaze, electrical fires due to bad wiring, lit candles, space heaters setting stuff on fire, and much more……

The link I’m about to provide below, will provide a variety of fire extinguishers.   You can buy the multi-purpose, basic, heavy duty, or even small extinguishers for your car.  Yes, I’ve even seen a car nearly catch on fire due to some idiot not knowing how to install a stereo system.  Once the electrical wires catch on fire, it acts as a fuse; not good.  Anyway, the shopping link is below……

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smoke_detectorNow, if you’re looking to buy Smoke Detectors (a.k.a. Smoke Alarms) online, you may want to also look for the 2-in-1,  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  They are a little more expensive, but these small things can help save people’s lives.

 *Also, if you purchase the battery operated smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, I’d recommend using the Lithium batteries for a longer battery life and a more dependable function.   However, regular batteries usually do fine, but if you choose to not purchase Lithium batteries, I’d make sure to test your Smoke Detectors more often to make sure they are still working.  They come with a simple test button, so it’s no big deal, just a quick push-button test.

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