Release the Fury!

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I get so tired of hearing about how “that’s negative” or “you’re being negative” or “you need to be more positive” or how “you need to look on the bright side,” etc.
Really? What do we suppose to do, lie about it?
This post doesn’t just apply to me, but the point is that carrying negative thoughts isn’t bad at all, if you find a regular point of release.
Hence forth the title of this post, “release the fury!”

Negativity gets a bad reputation when it comes to health, due to the ones who go around holding it in all the time. I agree; keeping those unhappy thoughts to yourself and never letting them go, is not healthy at all. If you’re a person who is not blinded by the baloney of today’s world and isn’t some fool out there seeking a perpetual rainbow, you may find yourself regularly becoming angry or disgruntled, but what do you do about it?
This is when it is either good to have hobbies that require physical activity or exertion and/or have an outlet to release pent-up frustrations. For example, don’t feel bad about yelling, screaming profanity, or beating the hell out of something, as long as you’re not injuring or harming anyone else or their stuff. Trust me, it sucks when you’re having a bout of rage and you accidentally break something that isn’t yours. It’s an expensive habit, let me tell ya. Ha-ha!

To make your outlet a little more civil, I’d suggest using gym equipment, working out (lift weights), use a speed bag or heavy bag, or get out of the house and walk, run, ride a bike, climb a hill, and so on. But whatever you do, when feeling stressed or angry, release the fury in a positive way!

[Promo Links] You may also find that using the Captains of Crush Hand Grippers will assist you in stress relief. I also hear that Magnolia Extract works well, along with using Ginseng supplements.  Even without any of those, simply having a good laugh will often do the trick.

Now, on the flip side: The ones who go around thinking that life is a bunch of sunshine and rainbows, are often weak individuals who will crumble to pieces when things don’t go their way. They often become depressed and sad, which is not healthy at all! So in a sense, being negative with a regular point of release, is actually healthier because: 1) you don’t lie to yourself and say that everything is okay; 2) you stay motivated; 3) you are always seeking betterment – even when pissed off!
Although, I have met some people who actually seem to enjoy being mad and would probably become depressed if everything started going too well – for an extended period of time. Luckily for them, there are usually plenty of things in this world to moan & gripe about. Ha-ha! Hey, whatever floats your boat.   …Going back to the ones who try to stay positive: I’m not saying it is not healthy, as it obviously is – in most cases. I was merely speaking about the ones with false illusions who can’t handle a letdown, etc.

—The bottom line:  Release the Fury!


—End of Post

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