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Short Poem: Night Rider – Lost or Found?

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It was a calm, summer night; the perfect temperature for a ride today.
With the radio blaring, windows down, the cruise is underway.

It’s time to reminisce; it’s time to clear one’s pulsating head.
As the series of thoughts and memories start running wild, the brain is cluttered instead.

At times, the ride seems like it should never end, as you are thinking about the past and stuck in rewind.
But the song changes on the radio, the future comes to mind, now you’re moving forward in time.

Depending on the beat, you may either have a positive outlook of what awaits or a sense of foreboding may take place.
Your mind, your car, the radio, the night, time, your brain, all seem to be in some weird race.

Okay, the songs stop on the radio; it is time for the adverts to start.
You’re thinking, waiting for the music, now your brain switches control and hands it to the heart.

Now, no longer pondering during this ride, you are now feeling what you have thought prior.
The car slows down in miles-per-hour, you start to swerve, as if someone has deflated a tire.

I need to go home; what am I doing?
No, I need to ride more; I know where I am going!

Your inner voice then makes this silent query:  Do ya?


—End of Short Poem:  “Night Rider – Lost or Found?”

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Extension to the ‘Health Category’

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Before anybody gets any funny ideas:  No, I do not mean an ‘extension’ as in penis enlargement or by adding male enhancement posts to the health category… Ha-ha! 

This blog currently consists of several categories used to classify each post, such as: Deep Thoughts, Fictional Short Stories, Food, Garden, Health, Informative, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Poetry, Poppycock & Humor, Promotional, and Rants. That equals 12 categories and, in the future, it may expand to more than that – depending on the various subjects that may surface within this blog over time.

Anyway, a while back, I decided to start writing a lot of health-related topics. Well, instead of flooding this perpendicular blog with health articles all at once, I decided to just go grab a free blogspot blog from and start a health & fitness website. By the way, is a great service if you’re looking to start your own blog without hosting fees.  Later on, you may want to buy a domain and have full control of your site, but either way, it is a good starting point and/or an excellent free service (at least at the time I’m writing this) to use. 

Oh, back to the original subject:  I still may occasionally post in this particular blog’s Health Category, but if the blog entry I’m writing mainly relates to health & fitness, I’ll use the blogspot blog that I mentioned prior, to act as an extension to the original health category found here. Another reason for the move, is because is not a niche site; it covers a broad, diverse range of subjects. If you browse through the main site and the article archive, you’ll see what I mean.

Okay, that’s enough site news for now.

If you’re looking for the “extension” to the health category of this blog, go here:


—End of Post

Exotic Babes & Sexy Models – Gallery Links


Well, not all of the sections of this website, whether it is here on this blog or over at the main site, have to deal with informative subjects, creative writings or deep thoughts.  …It is good to go back to your primitive roots at times, and keep it primal, simple, and elementary.  Ya know, sort of like the basic concepts such as:  food & drink, sex, sleep.  Yeah, I’m sure you get the idea… Ha-ha!

Anyway, I’ve recently slapped together a ‘Sexy Babes’ section (this blog post will act as the main menu with all the current gallery links) at  It currently features 26 Gallery pages and in the future, I hope to add more.  All of the girls in that particular section of this website will be exotic babes, celebrities, or swimsuit / lingerie / glamour models.  Below, I’ll post the links to the 26 galleries it has at the moment:

Jayonna Fabro – contains loads of hot pics.  This girl has a backside that you would fight for – that is, if you’re like me and prefer the thick, big booty babes.  Check it out…

Jayonna Fabro Gallery #2 – well, I ended up with so many images of her, I had to make a 2nd gallery.  Enjoy…

Denise Milani– is one seductive, succulent, femme fatale who is very photogenic, to say the least.

Sexy Nurses – is a small gallery page that features 5 different babes, dressed up in sexy nurse outfits.

Sexy Celebrity Babes – is a gallery page that features several celebrities.  Most of the babes on that particular gallery, I haven’t built individual galleries for.  Look at it as being sort of like an image-sample page; ha!

Katie Price – is a British babe and glamour model with a nice set of big, juicy, fake breasts.  Yeah, she’s hot…

Lucy Pinder – is an English glamour model with huge, all-natural breasts.

Gemma Atkinson – is a very confident and sexy glamour / lingerie / swimsuit model who was born in England.  She’s cute, exotic, and just overall yummy to look at (among other things, I’m sure)….

Anna Semenovich – is a Russian babe, ex-figure skater, and a sexy, exotic model with a big, all natural 34E cup size.

Heidi Montag – is a totally attractive babe who has previously went through several plastic surgeries, breast implants, etc.  I hope she is finally done with the operations because she looks great at the moment.  Anyway, if you click her link, it will actually take you to a blog post about her instead of a gallery page like the other gallery links featuring smokin’ hot models.  The reason why I included her on this page, is because that particular blog post, even though it was mostly about people being addicted to plastic surgery, ended up with several sexy images of her – enough to be worthy of a small gallery; cheers!

Sexy Cheerleaders – is a lovely gallery page featuring hot, wild, energetic, vivacious cheerleader babes; cheers!

Carmen Bella– is an established cam girl / cyber babe that is extremely sexy.  With her mixed ethnic background of several races and her amazing body that is equipped with all-natural 32E breasts, she redefines the term ‘exotic’… to say the least!

Holly Madison – is a television personality and an American model.  This very appealing, naughty-looking little exotic devil, could pass for anything in between a bikini model and a seductive secretary; pick your fantasy…  Cheers!

Sofia Vergara – is a very charming, busty (all-natural 34DD cup size) Hispanic / Latina model that totally fits into the ‘Sexy Babes / Glamour Models’ gallery section from this somewhat interesting site; ha!

Esther Hanuka – is a very exotic, sexy-looking tattoo babe; check her out!

Alice Goodwin – is a seductive glamour model from the UK, what else is there to say?

Joanna Shari – is a very talented Italian American model.  She has brains mixed with beauty, and a big booty that could compete with Jayonna Fabro, if that tells ya anything…

Susan Wayland – is a fabulous, gorgeous German fashion model that is especially known for her latex modelling.

Bobbi Billard – is a sexy model, actress, and former WWE Diva.  What else do you want?

Jenni Farley – is a Reality TV Star and Model that has the “girl next door” type of look, in my opinion.

Sexy Girls from India – is a gallery page featuring Indian babes.

Alexis Texas – is a gallery page featuring an adult entertainment film star & sexy model.

Bianca Beauchamp – is a smokin’ hot, super sexy fetish model that specializes in latex!  Shall I say, tightly wrapped and busty?   Ha!  She is sheer yummy, to say the least; check it out!

Kate Upton – is an upcoming actress and is mostly known for being an established sexy magazine model with all-natural D-cup breasts along with a very seductive look.

Pam Rodriguez – is an extremely sexy Guatemalan / Puerto Rican glamour model that has an exotic look that is definitely worth checking out!

Update! Most Recent Gallery:

Traci Brooks – is a Canadian wrestler with a rugged, tough look and big, juicy boobs!

Well folks, that’s all the gallery links I have  for now; I’ll try to add more, later on, whenever I decide to do so and/or when I have more time to build additional pages for the main site.  Cheers!


—End of Post “Exotic Babes & Sexy Models – Gallery Links”

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Using the Poor Man’s ‘Calories per Price’ Ratio

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Hopefully, many of you haven’t had to think of this method before, and are not a struggling low-middle class, full-time worker who doesn’t collect welfare or get monetary aid and handouts or unfortunate enough to not be born into wealth, etc. 

BUT, whether you are just feeling thrifty, frugal, or simply poor like me (I’d have more money if I wouldn’t spend so much on beer and damn cigarettes!), you may find the, as I call, “Poor Man’s ‘Calories per Price’ Ratio” to be a useful guide when making purchases at your local market.

It is a simple method to use, and it is something I got to noticing a long while back, when thinking about how I can get the most calories out of my money – to be efficient when buying energy and/or fuel for my body’s demanding tank.

Okay, all you have to do is:  Take the total amount of calories (all servings added up within the can, container, package, etc.) and divide it by the price, and you will have a figure that equals the “calories per price” ratio; this will give you a good idea on how much money you’re wasting on foods that just aren’t energy efficient to a poor man’s body.  Funny, but true…   Ha-ha! 

For example, I bought a package of  Little Debbie Fudge Brownies (chocolate is good for you, damn it!) the other day.  It was a package of 6, 280 calories each, for $1.59.  Okay, I multiplied the 280 calories times 6 to get the total amount of calories in the package, and this come out to be 1,680 calories.  I divided that by $1.59 and the ‘calorie per price’ ratio was 1,056 calories per dollar.  By the way, that is a really good ratio.  Just think, you can buy a silly Lean Cuisine frozen dinner for $2.50 or more and only get about 2 or 3 hundred calories, but one dollar on the brownies bought over a thousand calories.  Hey, are you getting the drift now?

Another example, I bought some microwavable popcorn that had a total of 2,400 calories for $3.99 and the ‘calories per price’ ratio was 601 calories per dollar.  Now, it wasn’t as cheap as the brownies, but it is still way more efficient (energy wise) than the Lean Cuisine crap.

Alright, here’s were some wise-ass could say, “look, rock head; junk food is going to be cheaper per calories than real food.”   Then that’s when I would say, “look, dear challenged one; nobody said that this ratio had to be used on  ‘junk’  food versus  ‘real’  food.” 

See, that’s just it right there…  You can use this calculating method to compare any types of food, when it comes to calories per price.  In fact, if you’re a health nut, you can alter it and start calculating a ‘price per protein’ ratio, and so on.  The point is, as high as everything is today, and the fact that a lot of us are struggling to have enough funds to live comfortably, it doesn’t hurt to get the calculator out and start doing some math to help slash some of those grocery bills, utility costs, and whatnot.

To end this post, I found an amusing calorie-related cartoon online.  I’ll post it below:


Christian’s Version of “Hell” makes no sense!


For the most part, I usually steer clear from religious subjects on this blog, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in some random divine dung on occasions, right?   Sort of like when I did the post a while back that was entitled “What in the Hell is Kabbalah?

Anyway, I’m not into “organized” religions.  At times, some of these “religions” seem to cause more harm than good, start wars, etc.  The way I look at it:  If you can find something good out of religions and it makes you a better person or helps you in whatever way with your own life, then that is great.  …BUT, if you find yourself  frequently judging, soliciting, and trying to pervade other people’s life with your religious opinions, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your own belief system.  Speaking of that, I did a religion-related post over at a myth & folklore blog a while back, and you can find it here with the title:  ‘Holier than Thou’ Christians are Pathetic!

Okay, now back to the original subject “Christian’s Version of ‘Hell’ makes no sense!”

Instead of going on and on about contradictions and the obvious unfair, unjust concepts of Hell, I’ll just keep it short and drop down a couple simple scenarios below.  If there are any “Christians” out there who has an ultimate answer for this post, feel free to use the comment field to spread further enlightenment and all-knowing knowledge into the masses of “unsaved” ones that you suppose to pity ever-so dearly…

A typical Christian’s version of the ‘Hell’ Scenario gone wrong:  

[Of course, I’m using fictional characters with no relation to any real-life events.]

Scenario #1 – Lets say a guy named Luke grew up with good raising.  He was a spoiled little bastard that aways wanted the best of everything and always got what he wanted.  Well, later on, he became bored with life.  When he grew older, he started having fantasies that involved murdering people for fun.  With lots of plotting and planning, he later went on to become a serial killer at age 30.  This guy ended up killing 35 people over a period of 20 years before finally getting caught.   In addition to that, he had a fetish for raping young girls.  Now, he sits in prison for life, with no hope of ever getting out.  Well, after he reached the age of 55, he starts to feel bad for what he has done, and starts getting into the beloved Christianity, and gets “saved” and blessed with eternal life because he “found Jesus” in prison.  

Verdict:  By Christian belief, this bad guy is not going to “Hell.”

Scenario #2– Lets say a guy named John grew up living the tough life.  He was a farmer, hunter, fisherman, and held a full-time job in the construction biz.  He was married to a faithful, loving wife and had 5 kids to raise via lots of hard work.  He kept food on the table, had excellent morals, and respected the individual.  John loved the countryside and was very close to nature and wildlife and believed that we should treasure ever moment we have alive.  Well, although John typically stayed out in the country most of the time when he was off, he would still get harassed by Bible-thumpers and Christians who kept trying to get him to go to their church.  They would often ask him, “do you know if you’re going to heaven if you die?  Have you accepted Jesus in your life?”  John would normally look at them straight in the eye, spit on the ground, and tell them to go shove their religion up their bunghole.  John once told a Christian who wanted a donation for their church, to go get a real job or ask their God for the money, and went on.  He said he wanted no part of something he can’t see, feel, or prove that exists and that he is a realist in the real world.  He also asked a Christian one time, “why does Jesus, who was suppose to be so miraculous, not even have a known birthday?”  He got no answer, and never seen the reason for church or religions.

Verdict:  By Christian belief, this good guy is going to “Hell.”

Now, after reading those two scenarios, does the typical Christian’s version of Hell make any sense to you???  Just think, some preachers basically threaten people with an eternal blow torch while telling them they have a “free will.”  That would also be similar to holding a “supposedly” loaded gun to a person’s head and saying, “hey, you are free to have an opinion about this matter, but I will kill you if you disagree with me, so you better just nod, accept, and give me your money.”  Hmm, it makes no sense to me……  Well, unless you find justice in armed robbery using a fake gun.  Ha-ha-ha! 



Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!

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I’ve had a lot of problems the last several months with a lengthy relationship (although the first half of the relationship was really good), and this message just doesn’t seem to hit home or permeate the brains of certain girls: “Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!” Yeah, they enjoy all that tough guy, hardcore stuff when it involves the bedroom, sex appeal, outdoor adventures, and yard-work, for example. But, afterwards or when things doesn’t involve such matters and/or throughout the daily routine, some of these girls expect you to suddenly switch genders and become some soft-hearted female or she-male full of sentiment, emotions, and all that other sappy shit.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t care a lot about you, we just have a different way of showing it.  Another thing these “Romeo & Juliet” seekers and “rainbow chasers” often forget, is that when you’re in a relationship that requires both people having to work for a living, there isn’t always time nor a mood for sitting around and holding hands or each other – especially if you’ve been busy or in a bad mood or whatever.  As long as one doesn’t totally neglect the other, it should be no big deal.  If I was unemployed or retired, I guess I would have more time to sit around and sing Kumbaya or lay on the grass flashing peace & love signs like some hippy from the ’60s and ’70s; uh… no.  Ha-ha!   

Sure, I’m unfriendly at times, have bouts of anger, occasionally break stuff, and I’ve did or said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have, but I’m honest, morally just, fairly organized, and like to maintain order as well as knowing what is going on or where you are at, and so on. Yeah, that sounds like the typical domineering asshole to most females of today, but really, what is wrong with that? The world of today seems like it has flipped upside down. What was once considered right, is now wrong, and what is accepted today, was not in the past. I’m not a sexist nor am I biased or anything like that, but I still think that man should run the household! I’ve seen too many relationships over the years, where the guy pretty much keeps his testicles in a mason jar while the wife or girlfriend runs the household, tells him how much of HIS money HE can spend and whatnot. Yeah, it appears to work for many, and especially the easy-to-run-over “go with the flow” type guys, but I’m just not that way. If I see something wrong or that I don’t like, I’m going to say it. I’ve been told before in my last relationship, “it is not always what you say, it is how you say it.” Oh, okay… I’m so sorry I didn’t whisper or speak gently while I was disgruntled. WTF? I’m a man with testosterone, so what do you expect? Other things that I have been told over the last several months by Miss Sappy herself: “You don’t feel, you don’t feel! You’re numb… You always put me last on your list. I feel like you don’t want me here, that I’m a bother and you ignore me most of the time unless you’re getting sex or mad at me.” I could go on and on, but there is no need to bore anybody who is unlucky enough to read this hogwash. Ha-ha!

The point is, most of the guys who are not feminine males or suffering from low testosterone levels, don’t think anything about ignoring you or not showing sentiment when we’re busy with hobbies, chores, outdoor work, on the computer, working out, or drinking beer, for example. We are just being those savage creatures that seem to attract y’all crazy bitches who often love and hate us at the same time. Speaking of that, the girls who normally enjoy all the bad boy attributes from their man, often complain about these very same things. If you give one of these hormonally scrambled gals a “nice guy” (whatever in the hell that is), then they may at first be charmed and swept away (I’ve seen this happen before), then, later on, all the candle lighting along with the flower and rose crap gets old; they realize that they can open their own door, and that Mr. Tulip Bringer can’t satisfy them in bed and presto, they want their Ex back; ya know, the guys like me who hates Valentine’s Day or have trouble showing love all the time. Then they go back to you (Mr. A-Hole) once again for another crazy round that may only last a few weeks, but it will be full of delightful fornication and other sensual benefits. Then, once they get their fill of your inner caveman (the part of you that attracted them to start with), the unstable Miss Estrogen then decides that you no longer have emotion, you don’t care, and all you want is S-E-X and help with the bills. Arghhhh! You can’t win with this scenario!

What does this particular type of lady want, a freakin’ feminine version of a guy with big muscles and a huge cock that is a sex demon in bed but should also pick flowers, whisper sweet nothings, blow kisses, and frequently tell them that they love them while holding a box of candy in one hand and a dozen roses in the other?  Hell, what I can see, the ones who go around talking about “love” or being “in love” all the time, are usually the ones who jump ship the quickest and run away and cry or pout, when things don’t go “perfect as planned” via the land of sunshine and rainbows.  If you really care about something or somebody, you shouldn’t have to tell them a thousand times a day, like a lot of these crazed romantics often do.  I just don’t understand why some people have to turn everything into some mystic haze that complicates everything that should be natural and/or simple! 

—The bottom line: Most guys show less sentiment than girls; deal with it!

Ahh, enough about this crap and my relationship issues; this isn’t a romance blog anyway…  Ha-ha!  As for her and the other girls who keep going back and forth with their men because they are just being, uh, men:  some people need to grow up and learn how to deal with things without having to run away, flee to mommy, make excuses or, in some cases, revert to substance abuse to forget about things just so they can float through the land of nothingness. 

Anyway, I’m surprised I did a blog post about it, but it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog (been busy with other websites along with other offline activities, etc.), so I thought I’d splatter some cyber-dung into it, just for a blog-based refreshment of the chaotic infinity that surrounds us……

P.S. I placed this post under the blog’s Rant Category.  Although I rarely rant on this particular blog, since it suppose to primarily consist of informative writings or creative works (although I seem to often put creativity on the back-burner these days), if you do like reading these types of posts that consists of moans & gripes, you might want to visit another blog of mine that is full of this type of energetic chatter @  …Cheers!


—End of Post