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Before anybody gets any funny ideas:  No, I do not mean an ‘extension’ as in penis enlargement or by adding male enhancement posts to the health category… Ha-ha! 

This blog currently consists of several categories used to classify each post, such as: Deep Thoughts, Fictional Short Stories, Food, Garden, Health, Informative, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Poetry, Poppycock & Humor, Promotional, and Rants. That equals 12 categories and, in the future, it may expand to more than that – depending on the various subjects that may surface within this blog over time.

Anyway, a while back, I decided to start writing a lot of health-related topics. Well, instead of flooding this perpendicular blog with health articles all at once, I decided to just go grab a free blogspot blog from blogger.com and start a health & fitness website. By the way, blogger.com is a great service if you’re looking to start your own blog without hosting fees.  Later on, you may want to buy a domain and have full control of your site, but either way, it is a good starting point and/or an excellent free service (at least at the time I’m writing this) to use. 

Oh, back to the original subject:  I still may occasionally post in this particular blog’s Health Category, but if the blog entry I’m writing mainly relates to health & fitness, I’ll use the blogspot blog that I mentioned prior, to act as an extension to the original health category found here. Another reason for the move, is because perpendicularity.org is not a niche site; it covers a broad, diverse range of subjects. If you browse through the main site and the article archive, you’ll see what I mean.

Okay, that’s enough site news for now.

If you’re looking for the “extension” to the health category of this blog, go here:



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