Short Poem: Night Rider – Lost or Found?

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It was a calm, summer night; the perfect temperature for a ride today.
With the radio blaring, windows down, the cruise is underway.

It’s time to reminisce; it’s time to clear one’s pulsating head.
As the series of thoughts and memories start running wild, the brain is cluttered instead.

At times, the ride seems like it should never end, as you are thinking about the past and stuck in rewind.
But the song changes on the radio, the future comes to mind, now you’re moving forward in time.

Depending on the beat, you may either have a positive outlook of what awaits or a sense of foreboding may take place.
Your mind, your car, the radio, the night, time, your brain, all seem to be in some weird race.

Okay, the songs stop on the radio; it is time for the adverts to start.
You’re thinking, waiting for the music, now your brain switches control and hands it to the heart.

Now, no longer pondering during this ride, you are now feeling what you have thought prior.
The car slows down in miles-per-hour, you start to swerve, as if someone has deflated a tire.

I need to go home; what am I doing?
No, I need to ride more; I know where I am going!

Your inner voice then makes this silent query:  Do ya?


—End of Short Poem:  “Night Rider – Lost or Found?”

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