If your Pets won’t eat bread, maybe they’re overfed?


This sickens me to no end, when I see spoiled, “domesticated” animals that are fed (past tense of feed) to such a degree that they will pass, pick or choose what they ingest in such a manner that it reminds you of a pompous glut without reason for finicky ways.  WTF?  They sure gobble up all of that high-dollar bagged and canned food from the market (that you purchase), along with certain table-scrap food that you pay a decent price for, but no-no-no, how dare these certain special animals get offered the so-called “comfort food” known as cheap bread.  Yeah, I think some of these “pets” are obviously overfed……

[This post is fueled by the rebellion of my generous hand-out today, while thinking I was being efficient by not wasting food and providing variety to their diet by giving bread to the animals/pets that dwell at my current residence, as opposed to my usual meat trimmings and delightful “toss outs,” but maybe I spoiled them so it is my fault, right?  In case you think negatively of the post below, when it comes to pets or animals, I generally like most…, well, some animals, but the ratio of ‘like vs. not’ is still probably higher than what I feel towards the general population of the Homo sapiens of today…]

If you have pets, especially the typical cat or dog, and you go to throw out some fresh bread (wheat or white, doesn’t matter if you’re hungry – trust me) due to you having an excess amount of it and because you don’t want to waste it, and your outdoor and/or indoor pets, fish, dogs, birds, cats, rats, whatever, go up and sniff it then walk, fly or swim away, I have a feeling they are not living the life of a “trying-to-survive” animal anymore.  By the way, I was joking about the fish; I just threw that in there for the effect.  I don’t recommend that you put anything other than aquarium food or live bait into your tank for feeding, although some fish will eat bread.  Ha!

This is a humorous rant that is poor-boy related, sort of like my “price per calorie ratio” post, but regardless, it will contain some merit or reason:

Many of us realize, that America is probably one of the most, shall I put it nicely, “overfed countries” in the world.  Hey, look, many folks are really hungry and just relish the moment of welfare while consuming mass quantities of food while exerting very little effort during the day.  In fact, for some, the biggest workload of their life, is enduring the hardship of going out and throwing all that free food into their shopping cart while making the brave, almighty swipe at the register upon checkout, with their “all-you-can-eat-as-long-as-you-keep-having-kids-and-never-work” card or the “help-help-I’m-disabled-from-wiping-my-own-ass-from-the-free-food” card or whatever or however you want to label it.  WAIT!!!  I’m sorry, I thought this post was about pets or animals; oops!  Please forgive me…  Lets start again, shall we?

If your Pets won’t eat bread, maybe they’re overfed?  Oh yeah, that post…

Anyway, back to the point:   Humans are the only thing on this planet that can become a spoiled, pampered, coddled waste of mobile manure, ya know?  No?  Yeah, well, okay…  Humans can also cause other animals to become such things, like being overly picky when it comes to food.

Below, is a cat that thinks bread doesn’t even equal a decent necklace [story continues below the image]:


If ya got the money to select specially trimmed pork chops for your little doggy dog, and give your coddled cat freshly cooked ‘ground round’ beef – all while feeding your aquarium fish (by the way, I caught my biggest fish [small-mouth bass] using a bread-ball on a hook – at the creek!) freshly minced shrimp while throwing your children or yourself some bologna or hot dogs for the prime humanoid meal of the day, I’d say that YOU have a fuckin’ priority problem!  BUT, if you go to give your dependent pets some damn bread and they snub their nose at you, I say “to hell with ’em” and let their spoiled selves go back into the wild and get more independent and re-find their inner roots of survival. 

…Hey, don’t get me wrong, I buy decent quality pet food for my dependent animals, but it gets old real quick, when I’m a struggling low-middle class worker that can barely feed myself, and I got snobbish little pets that think they should have the finest meats in the world while I often settle for peanut butter and bread for lunch.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Does the terms ‘spoiled bastards’ pop into your mind?  Anyone?  Is this not a metaphor for the new-age America?   I have often thought, while leaving for work while having some whining cat crying at the door for food, “why don’t you go out and hunt; kill something; get your own damn food?!”  Have the domesticated animals of today took heed to our ways and seen how lazy most of us are and have become even more pathetic than the typical sluggish glut from the land of the free?   Well, maybe that is pushing it a bit much, but I really do see a correspondence here, between those two factors of domesticated animals versus human characteristics…  Uh, uh, cheers?

At any rate kitty kitty, here is a piece of bread for you:


On another note, there are some “interesting characters” out there who will swear up & down that certain animals shouldn’t eat this or that or it will cause a certain disorder, a biological malfunction or this type of organ failure, this disease, and that type of illness that leads to this fatal form of demise that only the animal doctors can deal with.  Oh, really?  Have you ever been starving and thought to analyze whether a certain type of grain, vegetable, meat, etc., was bad for you?  Yeah, whatever!  Have ya ever heard of adaptation, survival, evolution and acclimation?  Take your “do-not-eat-list” for the animals and shove it where you will only hope the sun will shine one day!  Ha-ha! Okay?  Ney?  Either way, STFU!  Trust me, if they don’t like it or it makes them sick, many of these animals won’t bother eating it.  Plus, I have a dog that is 13 years old and has ate mass quantities of chicken bones its entire life, along with all types of human food and a lot of other stuff that some of these “gurus” say you can’t feed your dog!  BUT, the other day, along with the cats, she didn’t eat bread either!  LOL!


Oh, never mind…  I think this post had something to do with “If your Pets won’t eat bread, then maybe they’re overfed,” but I sort of lost track along the way.  Either way, I think it is bound for some “whole wheat” commercial or something or perhaps, in replacement for cheap table-scraps for your animals, maybe we could throw in some generic cat or dog food that is made from 50% filler material like saw dust and fecal matter.  Yay!  Okay, pet lovers, happy feeding and have a good rest of the day…   By the way, the spoiled gluts out there will never understand the true message behind this “pet” post, that is, if they can comprehend above 8th grade level English and also have the ability to read something besides a menu from McDonalds and whatnot; but for some of you, it will hit right at home for what this post actually stands for.

However, back to this bread subject without the pets: the only real bread to me is called “wheat bread,” which should have been the only bread to start with!  Why strip away all the nutrients, over process, and declare it as some magnificent “white bread” when all you did is rob the damn loaf?  It is sort of like comparing white rice to brown rice, table salt to sea salt, black tea to green tea, and so on…   Cheers!

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