Addicted to Plastic Surgery? You must have too much free time & money…

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What a dilemma, huh?  Too much free time and money?  What’s that?  Ha-ha!  Well, some folks out there really do have too much idle time and more money than they know what to do with; maybe I’m jealous.  Then again, I could scramble this post’s title and it would still make sense:  “Addicted to free money?  Have too much time for plastic surgery?”  Ha!  Okay, okay…  Now back to the actual topic at hand:

There is always a big buzz going on about plastic surgery, breast implants, and so on, and especially when it enters the celebrity world.  On occasions, I’ll do a web search for sexy images and subject matter that relates to bikini babes, hot celebrities, and glamour models – you know, in case I want to add additional image-gallery pages for my “Exotic Babes & Glamour Models – Gallery Links” post.

Well, upon searching today for a new model or celebrity to feature on yet another gallery page at, I run across all this chatter about Heidi Montag, plastic surgery, and breast implants.  When I first seen all this crap that was blocking my view of her nice boobs and fine body, I initially thought, “really, who cares; this is nothing new; what’s the big deal?”  Then, after continuing on with my painstaking image searches, I went back and started reading some of the verbal dribble, to see what all the hoopla was about.

It’s about people who end up being addicted to plastic surgery.  Yeah, this is not a typical issue for us “common” folks with a regular job, kids, pets, daily-life problems, etc., I know…  That is another reason why I mentioned in the title, that a person must have too much free time and money to have this problem to begin with.  Of course, there are more reasons besides having too much free time and an excess supply of money, but regardless, this stuff isn’t cheap and you obviously must have a lot of time to nitpick flawed features on your body and whatnot.

The question is:  When are you considered to be addicted to plastic surgery?  The questions that some of these people may need to be asking their selves:  Am I happy with myself on the inside?  Will I ever be satisfied with my looks?  Why do I feel the need to be a perfect model for society or for people that don’t even know or care about me?  Do I use my time wisely?  Blah, blah…  The corny self-help questions could be endless, but that’s for the ones with plastic surgery addictions to figure out.

Anyway, here’s the meat of the post:  I was going to feature Heidi Montag on either a gallery page dedicated to just her or simply add her to the celebrity babes page.  But, since I read all that other stuff about plastic barbie models and people with surgery addictions, I changed my mind and thought I’d just do a regular blog post about it.  Besides, I’ll still drop down a few sexy images of Heidi Montag, so it is a win-win situation for the blog, regardless.  😉

Heidi Montag has “enhanced” her body a lot lately.  Her breast implants look really nice (thanks for adding them, by the way), and I’ve read about some of her plastic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, collagen lip injections, brow-lifts, chin reductions, etc.  I must say, I’ve seen what frequent rhinoplasty can do to other people, and I wouldn’t recommend it.  Those lip injections look nice, but people who keep getting their face and body operated on for supposed “better looks,” really don’t even realize the potential damage it can cause.

Read this excerpt about Heidi Montag per Wikipedia: “In December 2010, Montag appeared on the cover of Life & Style magazine, revealing scars and marks caused from her surgeries. In the magazine interview, Montag says, “Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did presurgery. This is not what I signed up for.” Heidi adds, “I definitely think I should have been way more informed. I think that doctors should really walk you through all aspects of it, not just the glamorous side of it. Doctors, it’s like they’re selling you cookies or something. I would love to not be ‘plastic girl’ or whatever they call me. Surgery ruined my career and my personal life and just brought a lot of negativity into my world. I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back. Instead, I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.”   Heidi Montag, on another occasion, also revealed that she almost died from too much Demerol, reducing her breath rate to five breaths per minute, but said it was worth it.  Go figure…

Well, there you have a fine example of the negative sides of plastic surgery and how it is not always helpful for you in the long-term – especially if you’re a celebrity and are always surrounded by media, gossip, etc.  I don’t know, but maybe she was only temporarily addicted to plastic surgery, but enough about all of this celebrity chatter.  Lets get on with the sexy images that were enhanced by these lovely breast implants and facial altering surgeries…

Heidi Montag Images; Click to Enlarge:







Hmm, yummy… Regardless of all the bad talk about her surgeries and implants, Heidi Montag looks good to me!  The only thing I’d like to see changed about her, is perhaps maybe attaching a bigger backside on her – but that often happens anyway, over time; ha!  I think she is married or something, and I doubt if hardly anybody who reads this post will ever see her in person, but this is one of the pros to Google image search, ya know…  Ha-ha!  However, I will say, if I ever find a girl in the future who is addicted to plastic surgery and looks hot like that, in addition to having too much money and free time on their hands:  I’ll gladly keep her busy, spend her money and break her prior plastic surgery addiction.  Yeah, the next random, rich, plastic babe with big fake boobs who decides to plop into my lap, will end up broke, tired, and addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Yep, I’ll fix ’em…  LOL!  Just kidding, I think…

Well folks, I hope you at least enjoyed the images on this post; cheers!

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