Short Poem: Jekyll & Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde is destined for the same fate as when 2 walls collide.

It is where you separate the Yin and the Yang to form two individual entities from the same mind;
good and evil, weak and strong, timid and aggressive, all from one but never at the same time.

Whether it is a scientific potion, like in the movie, that brings it out,
or perhaps drugs and alcohol or a particular detestation of society that makes your inner Hyde shout,
you should always be aware of what triggers this malign, divisive spirit and what it’s really about.

Jekyll, Jekyll, why are you so cowardly weak and meek?

Hyde, Hyde, why are you so damn furiously rude and crude?

Attributes are abound from both characters of black & white, left and right, but never good when totally separated;
knowing how to balance the force of Yin & Yang within, and to use both accordingly, is what should be demonstrated.

If you ever find yourself in this Jekyll and Hyde dilemma, perhaps you need to fuse your mind back together;
if you never rid your own self of this poisonous potion of inner conflict, you may never live happily ever after…


—End of Poem

Often referred to as a “split personality,” the concepts behind Jekyll and Hyde are actually very fitting for people living in a world of chaos and ongoing conflict.  I know I’ve had my inner Hyde come out many times throughout my life, but the bad thing about Jekyll, is that he will often get took advantage of or run over; basically, being too nice isn’t always a good thing either…  So overall, it is best to mix your inner Jekyll and Hyde together and honestly express yourself as you truly see fit…

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