Can you see or sense anything outside this 3 dimensional realm?

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The reason for this post, is due to a comment I received on another blog of mine.  A few months ago, I did a post on a “Myths, Legends, & Folklore” blog of mine with a title:  “Share your supernatural, occult, ghost stories…”  On that post, it gave the readers a chance to share any type of ghost stories they have been told by friends, family and/or that they have personally experienced and whatnot, that related to the supernatural, poltergeist, etc.  Well, I also made it very clear how all comments will be deleted that are not related, and so on.  Outside of the usual spam, the only comment I got so far was from some self-proclaimed, all-knowing, occult master of anything outside of our current 3 dimensional realm of physical existence.  Yeah, sort of like the religious folks who seem to know all about everything that can’t be proven… uh, yeah, you get the drift.

However, since I deleted his/her comment on my myth blog (since it absolutely did not relate to the “share your ghost stories” concept), I decided that, due to it still being an interesting subject, I would post it here and make a blog post about it.

The self-proclaimed occult master’s comment was:  “If you have seen a ghost with your eyes while in a state of awake consciousness – you are psychic.  Ghosts do not exist on the third dimension of reality.  Your body and 5 traditional senses cannot see or sense anything outside the physical 3rd dimensional realm.  In order to know, see or sense beyond the traditional 5 senses you must shift your consciousness to a higher vibration, that of the 4th or 5th dimensions. Your eyeballs do not see ghosts or energy – your pineal glad or third eye is the eye that sees.”

Okay, instead of turning this post into a rant featuring my disgust for all of these people who seem to know everything but can never prove a damn thing, I’ll just move right along and maintain a semi-tolerance for asininity.  You know, they do say that often times the true kooks and insane lunatics are simply failed mystics…  ha-ha!

Okay, so the occult master says that we sense and see all of this energy and ghost stuff with our pineal gland.  Well, since I work night-shift, maybe my pineal gland is not active enough to see all of this boogy-boogy, nifty, illuminating bliss that only occurs outside of our physical dimensional realm of reality.  Damn, this sucks!  Y’all lucky bastards… Ha!  The reason why I say mine may not be active enough to see outside of our current 3 dimensional realm, other than the fact that I don’t take illegal drugs, is because the pineal gland’s known primary function is to produce melatonin – and it only does that in complete darkness and I’m in light most of the time – due to working the graveyard/night-shift. 

For example, per Wikipedia: “The pineal gland is a small endocrine  gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions;  in humans and other mammals, the light signals necessary to set circadian rhythms are sent from the eye through the retinohypothalamic system to the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) and the pineal;  the secretory activity of the pineal gland is only relatively understood; historically, its location deep in the brain suggested to philosophers that it possessed particular importance; this combination led to its being a “mystery” gland with myth, superstition and occult theories surrounding its perceived functions.”

Okay, now that we have this “3rd eye” concept out of the way, and realize that we have yet to fully understand the mystery of the human brain and its surrounding parts, and that we are obviously designed to see and sense within our current 3 dimensional realm AND why some people and their crazy pineal glands spend all of this time trying to sense things that are not tangible whatsoever, will also remain a mystery until the, uh, uh, I don’t know, the “great awakening into the 5th level of existence” occurs?  Yep, your guess is as good as mine…  Dang, this mystic stuff is fun…  Ha-ha! 

Okay, I’m getting sidetracked here…  Now what about this 4th and 5th dimension that the occult master spoke about?  How do we, as the occult master says, “shift your consciousness to a higher vibration?”  Hmm, fascinating…  You mean to tell me that there are people out there who can shift their consciousness like a transmission with gears, into a higher vibration that takes them into other dimensions?  Damn, this whole time, I always called that “imagination.”  But the occult master, along with many other mystics, call this a “shift in consciousness.”  Where is some good hallucinogenic drugs when you need them?  Shit, I’m all out!  Ha!

All of this “can you see or sense outside our 3 dimensional realm” crap, reminds me of a post I did last year:  “4th & 5th Dimensions, Time Travel & Parallel Universes.”  It was thought-provoking, but I didn’t get all super-mystic or claim to be all-knowing like a lot of folks do – when it comes to these unprovable subjects.

In closing, maybe some people can sense or see outside of this lovely 3 dimensional realm, and maybe I’m just jealous that I haven’t unlocked the properties of the universe like a lot of mystics say that they have.  Maybe I’m just too dumb to understand outside of what can been seen, felt, tasted, or proven to exist.  Maybe that’s why a lot of religions started when they still thought the earth was flat.  Maybe I’d be better off, with my understanding of the universe that surrounds me, if I just started acting like a kid again and started using more imagination along with making stuff up as I go.  You know, it was really fun to believe in Santa Claus living at the North Pole – as it sure made Christmas time more interesting as a small child – even though it was a complete lie filled with fictitious bull-shit.  Surely you remember the Tooth Fairy as a kid?  Was there really piles of gold at the end of the rainbows and how about those Leprechauns, as well? So hell, why should I not give it another shot?  Ha-ha-ha!  I don’t know about you, but the ancient astronauts would probably be slightly pissed about our current level of intelligence on planet Earth.  This place reminds me of Kindergarten through 3rd grade, except this place most likely used to be High School, long, long, ago…  Cheers!

—End of Post “Can you see or sense anything outside this 3 dimensional realm?”


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