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Looking for something far away?  Are you one of the many that are desperately searching for Planet X/Planet Nibiru?  Regardless if you’re wanting to buy cheap binoculars or expensive telescopes for your new-found love of astronomy, you can easily find what you need online…

I haven’t did a promotional post in a while, as I usually try to steer clear from such things and generally like writing about informative stuff or things that are at least semi-entertaining or halfway interesting.  However, I have been hearing more and more about people constantly looking up in the sky, searching for this Doomsday Planet that suppose to appear during this fine year of 2012, and also how many people are trying to detect unusual changes in the moon for evidence that a polar shift is slowly happening, and so on.

Yeah, there is a lot of crazy talk out there, and we can only hope that all this “doom & gloom” stuff is a lie and/or an elaborate hoax.  On the other hand, this beautiful water planet currently has enough problems without a polar shift or a horde of aliens coming from a frozen rock via deep space.  Plus, why does there suppose to be aliens on Planet X?  What happened to their flying saucers and warmer planets that are closer to a star?  I thought one of the alien races were currently fleeing from their planet due to the big dying star Betelgeuse?  At any less than insane rate, I’m also thinking about buying a telescope, albeit I already have binoculars, but they are just your basic, fairly weak 7 x 35 mm. type (Tasco Zip brand) that I got when I was a kid.

Speaking of being a kid, my early years is when I spent the most time looking at the night sky, trying to see awesome stellar stuff with my cheap binoculars and so forth.  I’d read all different types of cool science books & space books with lots of illustrations, and I seemed to be more into astronomy, back then.  What has happened to me?  Why do I often go outside at night and pretend there is nothing up there anymore?  Oh, yeah, being stuck in the rat race and being a low-middle class working stiff can do that to a person.  Anyway, all this hype has got me sort of interested again, so I figure I’m not the only one who has recently thought about buying a telescope online.

By what I have read, most telescopes will do the job, except you have to watch out for those poor quality, Mickey Mouse ones you often see at Walmart and other discount retail stores.  I don’t want a toy scope, and if I’m spending my money, I’m going to pay a little extra and get one that actually serves its purpose.  I’m going to also include a link for binoculars, as well, in case you need some for general purposes like spying on your neighbors (Ha!  Just kidding!), bird watching or zooming in on nature while outdoors, etc.

If you’re getting into the field of astronomy, you’ll have plenty to learn before you become a pro, as you can bet on that.  But, it is all fun and educational while learning about the cosmos, unless you really do spot that mystery planet that contains a throng of barbaric reptilian aliens with bad intentions; yikes! 

I’ll drop down a couple shopping links below, and even if you don’t want to buy any of these at the moment, it is always good to at least browse through the selections so you can get a good idea of the price range and what you’d be willing to spend, if you ever do decide to purchase any of these nifty gadgets of magnifying bliss…


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