Is the percentage of people being atheists, lower for gardeners?


veggies    I recently asked this question on a community website that is supposedly full of “writers,” (ha-ha!) and, for whatever reason,  it got took down and deleted by the moderators.  It is totally fine for people to ask inane questions like, “what is toilet paper,”  but heaven forbid I ask a question that involves the slightest bit of thought.

     At any rate, it was Q & A style question format, and people could also comment on the answers.  I’ll copy & paste below, what got banned at HubPages:

Questions »Religion and Philosophy »Exploring Religious Options »Life Philosophies and Beliefs » Is the percentage of people being atheists, lower for gardeners?

After doing lots of garden work today, a thought popped into my head while being covered in dirt, sweat, and sunshine… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy nature in all aspects, but I can’t help but think about all of the ones who are oblivious to it all. Oh, I’m getting off track here, anyway… I mean seriously, I’m thinking that the percentage of atheists and the ones with no thoughts of creation whatsoever, would be less when concerning people who are gardeners and/or have other hobbies such as hunting, fishing, getting in touch with nature, etc. What’s your thoughts?


Julie says:
I have a deep love of nature and I don’t profess to be involved in any religion. I garden, teach my children to love and respect nature – be it domesticated like gardening or when we are hiking through the thousands of national forest that backs up to our property.

I also know quite a few atheists and agnostics that feel the same as I do. My own lineage includes Native Americans, who had no knowledge of the Christian God, but had a sense of spiritual respect for everything around them. I would have to say that the percentage of Christians who ‘love’ nature has a much lower ratio of respect for the animals they hunt or the plants they tend – as the Bible teaches man is the pinnacle of creation and ‘above’ or ‘in charge’ of the rest of creation.

Most atheists I know believe there is nothing after this life, so they try to live their lives to be as helpful or respectful to others they come in contact with, knowing there is no ‘reward’ after this life.

I digress, though. My answer in short is: No, I don’t think that there are more religious gardeners as opposed to non-religious.

My reply:

I’m amazed at how many people refer to not being an atheist, must automatically revert to a Christian God, as you say. But, nonetheless, your answer is much appreciated and voted up…

Julie says:

I’m not sure I understand your comment? I’m agnostic, so I don’t believe in either side. I just see most questions of this nature are asked by Christians, so I assumed you meant the Christian God, I’m sorry if I assumed wrong.

I replied with:  Ahh, the good ol’ “assumption” excuse; blah! 😀

Julie says:  So you weren’t talking about the Christian God? What I am saying is I don’t understand what your comment about ‘must automatically revert to a christian god’ means. If you clarified, I’d be happy to explain without assuming.

I simply replied with: You’re the one who brought up the “Christian God,” not me… Maybe you need to clarify; duh!

Julie ignorantly replies with: Yes, I did, but I asked you to clarify your comment. It makes no sense how you worded it, but now that you’re being rude I don’t care to discuss this nor help your page views by wasting my time here. Be well and I hope you continue to enjoy gardening

I replied with:  Blah-blah! If you can’t understand how most people that are atheists or agnostics, often refer to others who speak of God as either Christians or, in some cases, Islamic, then you must really be confused, albeit you’re the one who brought it up!

Somethgblue says:
The answer to your question is yes because once you have nurtured a garden to life with your love and care then you have allowed some of Gods light to shine in your soul . . . and everyone could use some of that action.

I replied with:  Excellent answer; thanks for sharing… 🙂

Now, after reading all of the crap that followed my innocent question, why in the fuck would any moderator delete such things?  Ahh, the joys of having your own website!  I’m about ready to say “to hell with those silly community, article-submit sites” and when I do write online, I’ll stick to my own sites and be my own freakin’ moderator!  Cheers!

Oh, if anybody has any additional answers to the original question on this post, feel free to leave it in the comment field. 

P.S.  Happy gardening this year and good luck with ya crops!

—End of Post “Is the percentage of people being atheists, lower for gardeners?”

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