Cosmic Poetry

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unityBefore I begin this silly little poem, I’ll start with a famous quote from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”


 I’ve seen a lot of cosmic poetry on the web thus far, so I thought I’d give it a whirl, even though I may not be the best of poets, I still know that words can swirl…


Every step I take and each breath I make, equal moments I can create;
translucent thoughts often take place.

I daringly delve into the unknown with divine glorification at hand,
yet being aware of the blockade featuring formidable repudiation deep within the sand.

I’m an alien to this world that is currently left alone, seeking a unity from the cosmic throne.

Cast away from mathematics that no longer make sense,
confined to a belief that is rather dense;
the cosmos creates what we imagine and sentience is yet to be fathomed…

Altruistic at the core, while science is becoming a bore.

The anthropic principle lies ahead, while I often meet religion with dread.

Magic doesn’t exist, as a mere reality of actuality plagues what we commonly detest.

Stand aside, dear megalomaniac, as I know the answers via my scientific probes;
take heed, dear dependent weakling, as I riddle you this by way of my intuitive bodes.

Don’t always think, as you should often feel…
Upon doing so, you may be surprised with what you find to actually be real.

From the Yin to the Yang, white to black, light to dark, fabrication to manifestation, it is all the same.
While living in a world of chaotic infinity, it is quite sane to be insane as nothing is truly inane…

Praise be the unity!

—Side Note: This particular version of “Cosmic Poetry” is fueled by three basic beliefs that all humanoids on planet Earth should be aware of, which is: 1) We are all chemically connected to this planet; 2) We are all biologically connected to each other; 3) We are all atomically connected to the universe.

Yeah, it is all cosmic poetry, in the end…

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