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imagination    This is a 2-part post.  The first half will be about how “Imagination has a Reason for Existing” and the second part will be about “The Power of Thought & Projections.” 

  Even if you’re one of the lame folks that rarely use it, imagination is there and has a mysterious purpose for existing, but there’s a reason nonetheless.

  Many folks, especially the so-called “overly educated” ones, often forget the powers and reasons for imagination.
By the way, we are not talking rocks, nor can any scientific formula unravel the mysteries of life, albeit there will always be people who think they have “figured it all out.” Ha-ha!

  Most semi-normal human beings have the ability to ponder, wonder, think deeply and contemplate complex queries along with dreaming up fantasies, fantastical notions, and imaginative, creative ideas, etc.

Notice that I say most ( I would like to say ALL) humans “have the ability,” as I excluded the facts and percentages of lame brains, brainwashed folks, and people full of inane thought processes, but I have my reasons for saying such things.

Most of us have heard some of the old quotes that spoke about how imagination is more important than knowledge, and how imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions, and so on.

Well anyway, I was just searching online, to see what type of creative jargon ranked well under this topic, and I ran across an interesting page entitled “The Powers of Imagination.” Many of the mystics and hopeful romantics out there, will love stuff like this (Ha!). But seriously, here is a quick excerpt from that page, below:

“Within the Astral worlds, often known as “the beyond” or “the afterlife” where people transition after the process erroneously known as “death,” there are vast areas of Energy comprising just about every type of environment; all consensus creations of numerous people from the past, present and future relative to temporal concept of Earth “time.” These creations are the result of vast collective, consensual Energy configurations that are continually being influenced by Mind, and which Energy therefore endures under that consensual Mind influence almost forevermore.”

You can read more, here:

The purpose for this post, is to hopefully rattle the cages of closed minds and to weaken the strongholds of those copy & paste, facts only, Wikipedia quoting fanatics. It is like some people can’t think for their self anymore.
Yeah, I like to use facts and figures when researching at times, but I leave room for my intuition and imagination to fill in the blanks or to create new ideas and possibilities, during the process.

Have you ever wondered why Science Fiction often becomes a reality, over time?
Have you ever thought about how the power of creation may stem from thoughts, alone?
Anti-creationists really get angry or quarrelsome when you mention something that goes against their eternal matter that magically formed from a tiny point of singularity that went bang without a banger involved, but in a divine sense, can you imagine the power of thoughts and imagination as a whole?
No wonder creation never stops throughout the cosmos.

On an indirectly related note… Most of us have all heard of the perplexing question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I’ve heard all types of answers for this question, ranging from not only the ‘chicken’ or the ‘egg’ or ‘why in the hell are you asking me?’ for the answers, but unusual answers like the “unchicken before it became a chicken to lay the egg” along with other asinine crap that I’m not going to bother even typing.

This is an age-old question… Aristotle (384–322 BC) was puzzled by the idea that there could be a first bird or egg and concluded that both the bird and egg must have always existed. He said: “If there has been a first man he must have been born without father or mother – which is repugnant to nature. For there could not have been a first egg to give a beginning to birds, or there should have been a first bird which gave a beginning to eggs; for a bird comes from an egg.”

Creationists would say that the Chicken came first, and most evolutionists would probably say that the egg came first via a mutation from some other non-chicken bird that eventually became a chicken? Say whaaa?

Then, there is the ‘neither’ answer.
Here is a quick copy & paste quote (excuse me) from Wikipedia: “In Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as other Dharmic religions, there is the belief of the wheel of time which regards time as cyclical and with repeating ages, as some other cultures such as Mesoamerican (Aztecs, Mayan) and some native American Indians believe. Their idea of time gives a different answer to the question of “who is first.” The concept of eternal return, which is well known in the Western culture through the writings of Nietzsche indicates that there is repetition of time. The assumption is that time is eternally repetitive, and therefore, there is no “first” in eternity; there is no creation. The answer then becomes: neither the egg nor the chicken is first. There is no “first” in a cyclical view of time.”

So lets just combine all of the answers and say that the power of divine imagination created both at the same time, no?

Humans have limited power, but we do have the ability to create from the material that we have. Have you ever wondered how much we create subconsciously and through our conscious thoughts on a regular basis, that we are not even aware about? Like I mentioned before, imagination has a reason for existing, so can you imagine the power of such, on a grand scale?
Anyway, this subject could go on forever, but I just wanted to jot down a few notes to help spark some fresh ideas about what role people think that imagination plays in our ongoing existence within this seemingly never-ending cosmos that is paralleled with the never-never land of thoughts via the 5th dimension. Is God from another dimension?
At any rate, feel free to enlighten me with whatever ideas or insults you possess towards this subject; cheers!

consciousness  The entire basis for our existence along with our obvious levels of consciousness is powered by collective thoughts, but I’m not getting into a long, drawn out debate about the theories of creation – nor am I going to expound upon the properties of spiritual significance. However, I will briefly chatter about the power of thought and also what is known as “thought projections.”

It is amazing, at times, what I consider to be normal, ordinary and commonplace, are actually concepts, ideas and beliefs (albeit actualities) of what many folks consider to be outlandish, insane and just downright mad. Oh, but how many times have I said that the mind is a universe in itself?

Even as a kid, thought projections and the much similar concepts of telepathy was like, uh, duh! Later on, while still being a kid, I heard via science fiction stories and movies that aliens used telepathy to communicate, but hell, we are just as much aliens as they are, technically, although the levels of existence varies from vessel to vessel, if ya get my drift.

Anyway, I think that most human beings, even on this current K-3 planet, experience and are semi-aware about the power of thoughts. By the way, K-3 stands for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, as I think the High School on this planet left a long time ago. So when you hear me speak about being a 4th grader stuck on a K-3 planet, feel free to ignore me and concentrate more on the subject at hand; ha!

How many of y’all have really tried to send a message to somebody, animal or human, (doesn’t matter who) and feel that strong sense of the reciprocation of thoughts without words? How many times have you predicted the very words that have yet to be spoken? How many people find more truth in their feelings as opposed to what they actually think?

Telepathy is a direct means of communication, and is on a much higher level of existence than common thought projections are, but it all starts from somewhere, right?
A critic can simply claim that when you are around certain folks long enough, you pick up a pattern of words and thoughts, but that simply doesn’t explain the obvious invisible means of conveying messages with people you rarely even see or know!

It happens to me all the time, and I can’t count how many times a person has said to me, “how did you know that … I was just about to say that … You already knew what I was thinking,” blah, blah. I usually just say “Oh, uh, yeah,” and change the subject as it is nothing weird for me. I don’t know how many times, for yet another example, I can bring food over that I cooked for somebody, and they say something like, “that is so strange, I haven’t thought about that in months but for some reason, yesterday, that kept popping into my mind (whatever type of meal it was), etc.

To make it short, I stumbled across a short web page the other day that was talking about thought projections like it was some new discovery or something. I didn’t comment on it, but I could hardly keep from laughing at the content that was glowing from my computer monitor.

This is so old that, although I can’t technically prove it, since the dawn of existence, the power of thoughts is what runs the entire thing. Just think, no wonder scientists have such a hard time understanding the expanding universe, consciousness, quantum mechanics, dark matter, dark energy, the true nature of gravity, and so on.

I’ve always thought that most of the “force” behind things is invisible to our “human” eye. Hey, go draw me a picture of the invisible line of gravity between two objects, for example? Draw me a picture of that strong sense you get when somebody is STARING at you with a thousand-yard stare, only to turn around and see that very same thing, but, uh, you sensed it first!

…I could list so many examples, sort of like how a dog always knows when a person is scared.
Sort of like there have been cats that could sense when a person is about to die in a nursing home. And on and on we go…

I’m still dumbfounded by the fact that most people, as a whole, don’t realize the power of thoughts and how strong and/or what type of effect thought projections can have on this world.
In fact, I wish people would quit thinking about doom & gloom all the time, as if we keep dreaming this stuff up, it will eventually happen.
Then again, this is a K-3 planet, so what do I care? Ha!

Well, I was going to research about thought projections and paste some data into this post, but I have verbally rambled enough already, so, so much for that!

At any rate, feel free to provide comments that relate to this subject below, as I would be interested in hearing what others think about thought projections and/or the power of thought; cheers!

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