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coconut_water_powderWhat is it with this latest coconut craze?

…Since I keep hearing about all of this coconut powder, packets, on-the-go coconut drink mixes and so on, for hydration and to replenish lost electrolytes, I decided to check it out.
Actually, this subject spawned from a recent conversation I had with a friend. She was wanting me to find the best deals for this product, since most of the ones on those health websites were way overpriced.  I knew right where to go, as this super-sized affiliate-based retailer has almost everything, it seems. I’ll provide a couple links in a moment; anyway…

Many of you know that coconut is excellent for your skin, and I’m also a supporter of its oil that is often used when popping the traditional theater popcorn, as well. In fact, you can read more about that, here: “Coconut Oil Myth – Debunked

This particular blog post is promotional, as it is a break from the norm on this site, considering I usually cover more interesting, debatable, thought-provoking subjects. However, I wanted to do a quick blog post about coconut water packets, in the event that I may need to redirect somebody to this post that is searching for coconut powder online.

Plus, it will eliminate your long search time for these products and will save you from reading endless amounts of hooey and hogwash on some of those wanna-be health guru websites & blogs; ha-ha!

Out of all the products I read about, the one I have pictured in the upper-left corner, was the best deal.  The product details are as follows: Case of 4 Pack; 10 single serve sachets in each pack; each sachet makes an 8 to 10 fl oz coconut water drink; total of 80-100 fl oz of coconut water drink mix per pack.  This product is fat free, low in calories and sugar; good source of potassium and contains five essential electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous.
Portable “to-go” stick pack sachets so you can literally hydrate on the go.
100% all-natural ingredients and has no preservatives, no artificial flavors along with no caffeine; pH balance of 5.

Product Description: Excellent for replacing lost electrolytes due to exercise, fatigue, heat exhaustion, hangover, or illness.  This product provides instant hydration and allows Coconut Water to be with you on the go, which is perfect for running, biking, hiking, or traveling, for example.  It is very affordable – Cheaper per fluid ounce than any Ready-to-Drink natural coconut water.

If you are interested in buying this product, click the link below:

———> “Buy Instant Tender Coconut Water Powder Online” <———

You can also purchase the on-the-go or as they often call “To-Go” flavored drink packets for your bottled water. You can get coconut powder mixed with green tea, pomegranate, etc. If you’re looking for those types of drink mixes along with other related products, go here:

All Natural Coconut Water & Mango Green Tea To-Go Drink-6 Packets [link is no longer active]

For all other coconut products for skin care, shampoo, cooking, etc., go here:

Shop Online for Coconut-related Products

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